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kiilaura_tappiyrsin.jpgAlso big makers fail when measuring axles and associated parts. A domestic knowledge and noteworthy company delivered a device to a customer.

According to company's strength calculator, there was an axle which measurement excitement was of largeness 2,5 kN/cm2. Any on the basis of the calculated point, axle not should have been broken. In any way, this happened.  Were as the reason some swinging loads on the axle, the axle's fiberlike material in key-way position or which points led for damaging in the axle? The calculation shows one possibility of a failure.

The car manufacturer launched to the market a new product, which drive shafts lasted under 100 000 km, can be said in each car. Drive shafts paid about 600 euros a piece as installed. The factory promised meet in all 100,000 km and under driven car, paying an other and the customer other installation. Although car development had lasted many years, still stayed told lapsus in the product. In some cars, also glued doors unfastened the outside sheet panel from internal frame part.

In failing of the big maker, do we know about expectable problems? This presentation being acquainting to the Equivalent Proportional Calculation, must remember the calculation offers only frames to the measurement. Each product when final measurements, should be ensured countable with the traditional manner as has taught. We will come to observe the small difference between these two calculation.  Later when the Equivalent Proportional Calculation has stabilized, can to its resources leave more and more. At first is however reason to compare calculation between and observe which properties get moved by way of the Equivalent Proportional Calculation.


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