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Samaa tarkoittava suhdelaskenta
Equivalent Proportional Calculation

Miksi muinaisuus oli meitä edellä monissa asioissa?

Why was antiquity ahead of us in many things?


Let's take a new topic and put mathematical history in a new form.

50,000 Years Ago in SomewhereCircle_white_with_branch_1.jpg

The history of the circle is unknown. Perhaps with a stick in hand, a round shape was created on the sand, which fascinated with its symmetrical shape? Geometry took the first form of what turned out to be mathematics, but only much later.

45,000 Years Ago in SomewhereCompass_and_tree_branch.jpg

40,000 years ago, no one was going to Canada, as our compass needle points. People went north or south. The thickest branches of the trees pointed in this direction. The geometry of past antiquity was practical mathematics, which you can read about on my website.


45,000 Years Ago in Somewhere

Day_at_Noon.jpgIn ancient times, day and night were divided into twelve hours. The "eleventh hour" of the Old Testament was the time between four and five in the afternoon, because the day started at six in the morning. At noon, the sun is at its highest point in the sky. The branches of the tree pointed in this direction. This meant somewhat accurate tracking of the passage of time in daylight when the sun was shining.


45,000 Years Ago in Somewhere
Circle_and_tree_branch.jpgAncient geometry was practical and based on values ​​determined by nature. Not the memorized surface areas and volumes we learn in school. We have not heard of the geometry of the quarter circle on which antiquity was based. This time determining the direction more accurately than just a compass.
We need location-corrected maps for this, but more on that later.
45,000 Years Ago
Four_seasons.jpgAs animals teach their young, humans taught their children. There was no blackboard, but sand and stick in hand made up for it. They used the round shape and the division into four parts in many ways.

8,000 Years Ago in China Area


Someone collected small stones and placed them on the ground to see them. One stone didn't give an information of another stone. These were just a bunch of stones that had no meaning.

Stone_pyramid_in_anciet_China.jpgTo be able to carry stones, they had to be small. Now it was nice to put these on the ground, in the taught triangle shape. The stones had an order and after the second row they determined the position of the remaining stones. This was a pattern thousands of years old, taught to the young for entertainment and learning.

Stone_colour_pyramid_in_anciet_China.jpgAt first, all the stones were the same color. When choosing stones of different colors, their location was known in advance if the number of stones to be placed on the ground formed a pyramid pattern. It didn't matter what color they were. Children learn the colors of the stones and their order in the pattern. Even in the village community, one stone or person was supreme in making decisions, as they discovered through experience. Nothing is higher than the top stone.

 8,000 Years Ago from Numbers

Hand_S.jpgNo one knows in what order things happened, but let's assume. The stones on the ground formed a pattern, where the stones had designated places. A question arose about the number of stones collected. In this context, someone unfamiliar with numbers found out the first five numbers. The hand helped practice the numbers.

 3114 BC

The Indians of the Yucatan Peninsula started counting time on August 11 or 13 in 3114 BC and the calendar ended on December 21, 2012. Their time counting was thousands of years ahead of the European calendar in accuracy, and the same goes for the Egyptian calendar. Isn't the year 3114 very reminiscent of the Phi value of 3.14?

Year 1190

The magnetic compass was first invented as a device for divination as early as the Chinese Han dynasty (since c. 206 BC). The first usage of a compass recorded in Western Europe and the Islamic world occurred around 1190.

In the 17th Century
Blaise_Pascal_potret_2.jpgI'm pretty sure Blaise Pascal was a smart man. He spent perhaps thousands of hours thinkingabout the next pattern in our time. He was sure of the importance contained in it.
                                           1      1
                                       1      2      1
                                   1      3      3      1
                               1      4      6      4      1
Today I can explain, partially its importance.

In the 20th Century - Scientific Measurement

In the modern SI system, angle measurement is performed using measures of length and the result is expressed in "radians". A plane angle is defined in the SI system as a quantity where, for example, the value of a full angle is obtained from the ratio of the length of the circumference of a circle to the radius of the circle. In this way, we return to the ancient unit of angle in radians. 360 degrees is 6.28 radians. Without forgetting in this context the use of the degree in distant antiquity.

In 1993Circle_white.jpg
Book: FEAR OF PHYSICS, A Guide for the Perplexed.
Nobel prized Lawrence Krauss explained the meaning of the circle in his a 203-page book. A scientist starts by drawing a circle. The idea of ​​the book was to assume a round cow.
In 2000 and After
Today we use a compass, but it points in a different direction in different parts of Finland. The Magnetic North Pole is not even at the North Pole, but about 1000 km towards Canada. See the magnetic fluxes in the picture. Then read the compass in the past ancient. The situation is the same in other countries. The red line on the right side of the picture is the meridian from the North Pole to the South Pole. The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is on the meridian. The westernmost place in Western Europe and also my cottage on the meridian.
In 2000 and After 
Circle_water.jpgIn its solid state, water is ice, and as a gas, it is water vapor. However, liquid water at room temperature and normal pressure are in constant motion. In very tight conditions, water takes on a hexagonal shape, where hydrogen atoms surround oxygen from six different directions. This is our new knowledge about water. In the ancient way, in which nothing was actually presented when I was studying.

In year 2024

78656_kaava.jpgEveryone knows the most famous energy equation, even printed on t-shirts. E = mc2.

The formula for the formation of iron (7,87 · 103 kg/m3) in its simplest form, no one knows this. Admittedly, the energy equation is also poorly known.