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The First Moon Landing 1969finnish_translation.jpg

Ensimmäinen kuukävely 1969

The claimed Apollo 11 was the first spaceflight that landed the humans on the moon. It was the fifth manned Apollo-program spaceflight and the third on the moon orbit. Apollo 11 fullfilled President Kennydy's 1961 set target to beat the super power of the Soviet Union in space race. This was supposed to take place before the year 1970.


On the basis of the space travels, the computer programs could be very simple, because at that time also computers took their first steps. Modern phone in our hand is more powerful data processor, as the computers that were involved in the flight.


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Mankind taking the first steps in painting 10,000 years ago, the subjects responded to this time. The human imagination is amazing, so in the past than also in modern times. If the past history did know things of our time, they knew alse knew things the EP-calculation describes. 


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