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A-runkoinen nostamisen apulaite



These are lightweight hoists that in some cases can be assembled on site. Mobile installation cranes are used with a manual hoist for installation of new equipment and maintenance work.

The A-frame of the lifting device in the picture is a rigid steel tube structure to which the lifter is attached in the middle. The lifting capacity is usually 500-1000 kg, without anything preventing them from being made bigger.

The carrier wheels are of large diameter and usually made of nylon, cast iron or rubber, in at least two swivel wheel housings. Likewise, at least two of the wheels are equipped with a lockable brake.

In principle, the lifting device must not be moved when loaded, because the device is intended for stationary lifting. In some situations, a loaded lifting device must be moved by lowering the load as close to the floor surface as possible to avoid damage.

With my experience in lifting devices, I can design a lifting device like the one in the picture according to the structure you want.  My largest crane under design has been a 60 t and 30 m double girder bridge crane for a military tank factory in Russia and an A-frame crane of 2 t and 4 m.


The 2.25 t single-pillar gantry crane I designed in the drawing corresponds to the crane in the text. A device equipped with a pneumatic lifting device for a company that manufactures tow trucks. With the help of the device, the back of the truck was lifted into the air, so the load exceeded the nominal lifting capacity.


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