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Fysiikan toiset perusteet

  1.        Time at the Beginning.

  2.        Plato, the Cave Metaphor.

  3.       The Fear of Physics

  4.        Metaphysics.

  5.        Democritus 460 BC - 370 BC

  6.       The Golden Rule

  7.        The Golden Ratio

  8.        Window Glass Streaming.

  9.        Domino effect.

10.        Mendeleev's Predicted Elements.

11.        Metal Subject's Slow Burning.

12.       The Formation of Values

13.       Theory of Relativity.

14.       Five Affecting Forces

15.       Time Dilation

16.       Time Warping.

17.       Chain Reaction.

18.       Earth Proportionality

18.1.    Radius of the Earth

18.2.    The Golden Ratio

18.3.    Five steps

19.       Foucault Pendulum (time dilation)

20.       A Natural Walking Speed

21.       Braking Distance in Physics

30.       The Car Stopping Distance

31.       The Car Stopping Distance Logarithmically

31.       Steel Unit Circle and Aluminium (time dilation)

32.       Johannes Kepler Description of Planetary Orbits

33.       Visual Geometry as Physics (time dilation)

34.       Formation of the Steel Rope Product Series

            Time dilation

34.1     Incandescent Light Bulb

34.2     Steel

35.       The Concept of Lever

36.       The Speed of Light to Gravity

37.       Gravitational Force

37.1     Gravitational Constant

37.2     Gravity on The Earth

37.3     Gravity on the Moon

38.       Free Fall of a Body

39.       Bending Generally


51.       Dimensionalities

51.0     Zero-Dimensionality - a Point

51.1     One-Dimensionality - Line - Length

51.2     Two-Dimensionality - (Cross-Section) Area - Strength

51.3     Three-Dimensionality - Volume - Space - 1.618

51.4     The Curved Time-Space

52.       Time the Fourth Dimensionality

53.       Twin Paradox

54.        Energy Has Its Mass

54.1     Speed ​​and the Mass Increase

55.       Time Travel Within the Limits of Proportionality

1.   Time at the Beginning

The following is a description of the emergence of time in which Earth and its inhabitants, are not included in, when they born later. The energy bubble of the photo, is perhaps of the melting chocolate or not. In contrast to the above-mentioned, the calculation has description and explanation of a matter and can be calculated. The whole consists of issues and values​​, allied with each other and forming the calculation.

energiakupla.jpgThe Big Bang at the beginning of the time 13.7 billion years ago. Our understanding is that - no way - the release of energy and expansion fraction of a second to infinity.

The universe expanded in all directions, time began, and born the proportionality of phenomena. For this reason, we can calculate the relative things.

The English name of the Big Bang was originally the mockery name.

The proportionality of the time has been learned in the last. Immediately after the emergence of time, there was no relativity, its time came later. The world expanded to infinity and this is why the infinite is required at one end of the event, the other end constituting of a single event. Immediately after the Big Bang was not born any matter, mass, atoms or the structure of matter. All was the energy as the situation to which modern science tends with the particle accelerators. Studies have reached a situation in which equates to about one second after explosion. At the time, the energy was already deformed and condensed to a matter.

E = m c 2

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity led to initial confusion and resistance. The left side of the formula, energy has after = sign condensed to a matter. The formula includes the proportionality on which the calculation is based on. The Earth receives energy from the Sun. Energy results to a movement which the gravitational forces cancel out. More specifically, a reduced centrifugal force of gravity, ie the remaining force of gravity. It can think of the water circulation in the clouds and raining to the mountains. The water flows down the slope of the mountain, this produces the momentum of the energy and getting an electric current in the hydroelectric power plants. Trains use the current, dissipating the energy through the friction, caused by the gravity.

2. Plato, the Cave Metaphor

platon_small.jpgPlato used his well known cave metaphor (figure of speech). In which he compared our position in the nature chart to a person who has lived since born in a cave. According to him, the picture of reality has born of real objects which have formed shadows onto the cave's back wall of the moving images. This happened thus, that outside the cave aperture, the real objects in the sun light cast these shadows onto the cave's back wall. Like those who were in a cave, we scrape the surface of reality. We do the same using our sense and ability to understand things around us.



Rubbish men come and empty dungeon dustbin. We see the shadow of the barrell on the wall. When the barrel being full, transports two men barrel having it in vertical position. We shape on the basis of the barrel shadow, it to be rectangle shaped. Barrel emptied, bring it back one of the men. He carries the barrel from both of the edges in horizontal position. The light location has a longitudinal axis to barrell  when the man pass the observer of shadows. It forms a circular shape onto the wall. When the third case, the barrel passes in the aslant position, whereby we see oval shaped shadow reflecting onto the cave wall. On the basis of our knowledge, we say there been three different objects.

The idea of shadows as formating reality is similar with the idea of the Equivalent Proportional Calculation. The Visual Geometry (Phi-geometry) is one part of the calculation. I will present this calculation and it opens the energy section, because shadows belong to the energy of the light. The light covers the surface on which the shadows appear. The Equivalent Proportional Calculation defines case after case, the unidentified values "By way of the shadows." Plato had the idea of the light behind the all.  (887)

3.   The Fear of Physics

 A guide for the Perplexed. Book author is an American Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss. In the book he writes how the physics has changed the picture of the world.

"Anyhow, on the wall being separate reflections were succeeded to guess straight perceptions of the background being uniformity". Before being joins to Plato's description of the shadows on the cave wall. The particle physics today exposes the same to the researcher. On this basis, Plato had in his mind reflectance of electricity-magnetism and weak interaction essence. These are basis of one physical (types of) embodiments

Before mentioned written in our time. The science can find out, plato was with his thoughts ahead of his time thousands of years.

Plato processes in writing metaphysics, after physics. The metaphysics is undefined and on the other hand unverified.  (537)

4.   Metaphysics

Plato 427 - 347 BC

Socrates' most famous student and teacher to Aristotle. Plato wrote about metaphysics, the metaphysics as one of the general interpretation of it; "Traditionally, it was thought that metaphysics tries to reach people "behind" the information, observations and biases, and to tell the truth about the ultimate matters. In order to metaphysics be at all possible, this should be the nature of ultimate reality, at least in principle and be understood by a human. The reality should be constructed in such a way that it could be humane to perceive by logical thinking. This is the first of metaphysics, based on the unproven assumption."

Plato distinguished the certainty and uncertainty of opinion. Reviews were derived from a variable phenomenon in the world. Knowledge had the links between the eternal forms and ideas. Interestingly, Equivalent Proportional Calculation has the similar way connected e.g. to five Platonic solids. The Visual Geometry Calculation use shapes and their characters referred to reality. This is shown e.g. through strength calculation.wikiped.jpg


   An Example of Visual geometry  


The skeleton of a human is the body part that forms the supporting structure of an organism. In machine construction, frame of an assembly is the body part that forms the supporting structure of a construction.

Both have the same function and have the same meaning, which the image on the right shows. Steel bar in the image has the same deflection ratio against loading as a human has against fatiquing. This when the concentrated load has the same weight than steel bar. This is the idea of the human own weight.

Strength and deflection are included in to Golden Ratio.

1 / 1.618 = 0.618

Skeleton of a woman body

A human body is not steel, but the characters follows it.

5.   Democritus 460 BC - 370 BC

demokritos.jpgHe wrote on Babylon and Meroe; visited Egypt, and Diodorus Siculus states that he lived there for five years. He himself declared that among his contemporaries none had made greater journeys, seen more countries, and met more scholars than himself. He particularly mentions the Egyptian mathematicians, whose knowledge he praised.

Theophrastus, too, spoke of him as a man who had seen many countries. During his travels, according to Diogenes Laërtius, he became acquainted with the Chaldean magi.

Democritus was the first who realized, the Milky Way consists in reality of the light of distant stars.



The theory of the atomists appears to be more nearly aligned with that of modern science than any other theory of antiquity. However, the similarity with modern concepts of science can be confusing when trying to understand where the hypothesis came from.

"The theory of Democritus and Leucippus held that everything is composed of "atoms", which are physically, but not geometrically, indivisible; that between atoms, there lies empty space; that atoms are indestructible; have always been, and always will be, in motion; that there are an infinite number of atoms, and kinds of atoms, which differ in shape, and size."

With this as a basis to the physical world, Democritus could explain all changes in the world as changes in motion of the atoms, or changes in the way that they were packed together. This was a remarkable theory which attempted to explain the whole of physics based on a small number of ideas and also brought mathematics into a fundamental physical role since the whole of the structure proposed by Democritus was quantitative and subject to mathematical laws. Another fundamental idea in Democritus's theory is that nature behaves like a machine, it is nothing more than a highly complex mechanism.

 Bertrand Russell states that they just hit on a lucky hypothesis, only recently confirmed by evidence.  (869)

6.   The Golden Rule


Two pieces are in balance, when the fulcrum (support) is inversely proportional to their mass. Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth. This is after about a long time to notice the value is possible found on the same principle.



Each weighing merchant did know the basics on the scales measuring:

Of the weight and length same scales, does not bend to the left or right side
The golden rule was easy to deduce from it, but who does it, has been difficult in history. Nature tend to be in symmetry, which is achieved as an input force and distance.




"What is lost in the length, it overcomes the force."

The golden rule for the balance is the same as the ratio of the values. The relation between the values, corresponds to the concept of the lever arm. Knowing the length of the arm, the unknown value can be determined. Matter weighing means linear analysis, but when value analysis​​ there is a curve. This is possible manage through Equivalent Proportional Calculation. The unknown value is balanced to a known value by calculation. Values can be concre or absolute like braking distance, weight of the product, etc.



 Ant                                                     1

                                                     1          1

                                                1          2          1

                                           1         3          3          1

Elefant                        1          4         6           4         1

Pascal's Triangle row value tires, such as the runner on the way. When a product as a small ant, it gets the value of 1. Ant carries dozens of times its own weight, but an elephant is unable to carry even its own weight. Pascal's Triangle has the same meaning with the phenomena. The time of the runners are all understood reality. When moving to the material, and to value formation of the product, many readers does not realize the text. Therefore, we start from one that is under consideration as statistical terms. The physiology does not deviate from material or of the formation of product values, otherwise than on behalf of the review.

Planets as the Biggest Products

The calculation can set a conceptual case for weighing and combining Archimedes' concept of the buoyancy, can weigh the characteristics of the non-material. Archimedes was unable to establish the specific gravity of the hollow, but the calculation to determine the "hollow" features. We have an abstract weighing of the concept, as exemplified by the curve values for the curve, which has not been determined.. As an example, say, the curves values for curve, which has not been determined.  (278)

7.  Golden Ratio

golden_ratio.jpgTwo quantities are in the Golden Ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. The Golden Ratio is an irrational constant, approximately 1.61803398874989.


Golden ratio

a) From the heel to the knee  -  From the heel to the nave

b) From knee to the hip joint  -  From the nave on top of the head

In philosophy, rationality is the exercise of reason and irrationality is the opposite. EPC Calculation is coming to show irrationality to be partly wrong. Other names frequently used for the Golden Ratio are the Golden Section (Latin: sectio aurea) and Golden Mean. Other terms encountered include extreme and Mean Ratio, Medial section, Divine Proportion, Divine Section (Latin: sectio divina), Golden Proportion, Golden Cut, Golden Number, and mean of Phidias. In this calculation the Golden Ratio is denoted by the Greek lowercase letter phi φ.

( a + b ) / a = a / b = (fii) = 1,618 033 988

5 / 3  /1.03 = 1.618   5 >    The proportional limit of the calculation  <  5        8 / 5 = 1.6

All living bodies, and machine components have the relationship.

In Other Words

Cut off the rod 100 cm into two parts, so that a longer section is 61.8 cm. The rod is cut to the golden section ratio 100 cm /61.8 cm = 1.618

A shorter length is 38.2 cm. Golden section gives a partly false impression of designation, as a certain ratio of a cutting. Golden ratio is the matter related factor, which determines the forces acting between. Dangerous sharing is a concept which can be used for modeling the drawing below.


The golden ratio as visual geometry

Pascal's triangle factor between rows 1.1, as well the strength calculation coefficient 1.12. "Cutting" can continue five times, after which the proportional limit is exceeded. The same can try folding the paper neatly five times.  (891)

8. Window Glass Streaming

ikkunat.jpgOld buildings window-panes are thicker at the bottom than of the top. We were taught the glass to be liquid which over the years flowed down, and thus was born the thickening difference. Current knowledge indicates that the glass run-off does not occur during the period that the glasses are in the windows. Science says; flat glasses have been uneven in thickness, which resulted in a cut glass window, the thick edge was placed at the bottom to give a balanced impression.

In older buildings, it is a fact the thicker edge have been located at the bottom of the pane, and it is natural the thicker glass section is at the bottom. Glass material has been valuable and the poor house windows could be expected to have an uneven area in the middle of the pane. I studied in summer 2007, old churches window panes of which, indeed, I found a thicker point elsewhere than at the bottom of the glass. Almost two thousand years later, there still was uncertain, did the glass flow or not. The Romans began to use glass windows in the 300's.

Was the window glass flowing hard to detect, if the glass did not flow? Were we perhaps on the pseudoscience area, or how to style my case? Should things be so absolutely right and wrong and what harm of the window glass run-off or not does cause to us? Perhaps the metaphysics (after physics) turns next? (969)

9.   Domino Effect

A chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby. This on in linear sequence like a line points are.The shadows in the picture show the same as the dominoes do. If the first one of dominoes has fallen, we know the last one has also fallen when the case like in the photo. When calculating we know one value of something and so we know the values of other values on the same curve. The above refers the similar cases found at a common curve. Phenomena and products belong on their own curves. Even things being on same curve is not necessary, but of this later. In the photo dominoes form an example of the curve.


The told Plato Cave Metaphor was formed of the concrete reality which casted the shadows on the cave wall, but there are shadows in many forms. When a beam has a load on, it has a measurable shadow as a defleftion. The shadow tells the needed of the beam. When an athletic run, there is a shadow in form of the time. The used time tells the needed of the event.

The calculation is more interested in physics and product formation, although no human can not be left outside. The following is an example of a curve which products and phenomena show of their values.



10.   Mendeleev's Predicted Elements

dmitri_mendelejev.jpgIn the early days chemists discovered that the substance can not be confused with each other at random. Certain relationships were maintained when mixed with substances. This was evidence on behalf of atoms. Atomic Weights did not receive attention, while they were difficult to measure. Atomic weight at first had no discernible congruence. This was when the observations were only sixty for all elements. It showed that the atomic weight had not to do with the chemical property. Russian Dimitri Mendeleev (1834-1907) graduated a chemist, and began the state's payroll classified as oils.

In this work, he was suddenly reminded of classified materials, including the elements. He placed the atomic weights of the substancesAssumed that some elements were not found and some atomic weights to false. Thus he got the elements to locate in the regular places. We are familiar with the periodic table of elements. The Proportional Equivalent Calculation is much the same with the periodic table of elements.  (910)

11.   Metal Subject's Slow Burning

antoine_laurent_lavoisier.jpgFrench chemist Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier (26.08 1743 - 08.08 1794), published the law of conservation of mass. Information is important for the formula E = m c2 terms. Recognized and named oxygen in 1778, demonstrating experimentally the combustion process, where the combustible material and oxygen recombinated.

First of all showed up, all different parts are the same entity. The rocks, trees and all the world were the same entity. This he did consciously seeking to explain all the experiments in a single theory.




De Lavoisier was interested to study the long-lasting corrosion of metal piece. He was interested to know the weight after corrosion, was that more or less.


a) the subject weighs less

b) the subject weighs more

c) the weight will not change

Of the photograph can see how the fender has corroded. At the same time the material has lost its strength. These compoenets are not corroded in a closed system to ascertain the weight. Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier was not merely guessing the weight change. He set up to the living room a fully closed system. Experiments, they speed up - with his wife - increased different materials, warmed, and finally burned the material to speed up the event. After each experiment was observed the same. The piece weighed moreThe increased amount of weight they were able to determine of air space.  (923)

12.   The Formation of Values

12.1   Concrete Values

The Feature for the hand-touchable comes from their including values. The value can be called the shadow, as it also consists of the concrete. It is possible throw some items by a stone or cone of a tree. Cone lightness and softness make it more likely choice, if desired, beeing not hurting or breaking. Calculation allows the conceptual or not by hand-touching values viewing. Computer generates a three-dimensional model, which is to watch, but not to touch. From the model therefore does not know, how does it feel. Values are one-dimensional, the value of the information obtained from such as height, weight, hardness, heat, bending etc. Below is the pentagon image, the physical values form the lower three edges.


                                                         1.   Proportionality
    2.   Time
    3.   Length
    4.   Height
    5.   Width

12.2   Abstract Values

Values have born during the Big Bang. Measurable, hand-touchable values are such as length, width and height. These are best understood as related to a body (pieces) dimensions.

On the other hand during the Big Bang, born the values that can not see, such as the time. The concept of time is relative, as it is commonly perceived. In other cases a certain time period is long, others short. This also when several people are looking at things, they are seen as different scale with respect to time. Proportionality is sometimes directly comparable, in other cases conceptually understandable.

As an example, we can choose the desired dimensions. The form chosen, for example, the rod can be determined by weighing 1 kg/m. When cutting a length of 2 m from the rod, is selected length, but not included in the weight. Weight on the bar will be allways 2 kg of the same length piece. A similar situation arises in the numerous issues, because unconsciously, by determining the value, the other values are determined.

Cut a 0.1 m long rod and place it between the supports, stating that a stiff rod. After this cut another rod length of 0.2 m and correspondingly supported rod bends about two times more. Can you say how much the rod bends 42 m long? You say the length is not possible for a rod. You also say the rod bends eight times, when the span is doubled. In the deflection formula the span is to the third power. Here you are wrong, because only need to change the flow of ideas. 100 m sprinter is a rigid rod as an example, tirelessly, ie not bending the runner races one hundred meters. Runner does not even get tired even when 200 m race, but the execution time is twice the time used to one hundred meters running. Runner is also capable of a Marathon journey, but the used time time bends as the time increase. Both runs are calculated values.

The illustrated pentagon image has three dimensionality ie length, width, and height. Variable time (dilation) to moving and permanent things, as well as a fixed proportionality. Through these, the method is calcutated reality. Some things are moving, some as a surface area and some volume based calculations. Things can often cross calculate in many meanings.

What about the time? Everything has an opposite pair such as cold - hot, white - black etc. In physics time is connected to the movement of the phenomenon. Equivalent Proportional Calculation (EPC) is not so much seconds than time dilation. Of this point of view, time is attached to time-space, as well as to value space in products and phenomena.  (258)

13.   Theory of Relativity


1.   The Theory of Relativity

1.1   The theory of relativity is based on to Albert Einstein special relativity in 1905 and general relativity in 1916. The special theory of relativity is the current physics understanding of time and electromagnetism. General relativity theory is an extension of special relativity, which explains gravity.

1.2   Spacetime: space and time should be considered together and in relation to each other.

1.3   The speed of light is invariant Nonetheless, the same for all Observers

1.4  Measurements of various quantities are relative to the velocities of observers. In particular, space contracts and time dilates.


2.   General of The Theory of Relativity

The fundamental idea to general theory of relativity is the space structure. Special relativity was accepted in the physics community by 1920. This theory rapidly became a significant and necessary tool for theorists and experimentalists in the new fields of atomic physics, nuclear physics, and quantum mechanics. Conversely, general relativity did not appear to be as useful. There appeared to be little applicability for experimentalists as most applications were for astronomical scales. It seemed limited to only making minor corrections to predictions of Newtonian gravitation theory

3.   The Theory of Proportionality

3.1   One hundred years after the general theory of relativity, the theory of proportionality explains how the identified astronomical scale matters affect at low speed phenomena on the Earth. This is shown in EP-Calculation.

3.2   One of the greatest scientific fallacy has been time dilation accession taking place only at a high speed phenomena. Athletic racers running on the track have the same status under the universal law, than the maximum speed rocket has. Any real rocket close to the speed of light rocket, might never be able to produce.


3.3   The first argument is Albert Einstein's theory, which has not been used at low speed phenomena, even the next phrase exhorts to this.

Special theory of relativity applies to all physical phenomena except gravity

14.   Five Affecting Forces

 It is not long ago, when it was known three affecting forces;

- electrical power   - magnetic power    - gravitation in other words the force of gravity

After the radioactivity perception, the explanation of the event was not anymore possible by way of the three power. Was required more expositors.


14.1   Weak Nuclear Force

Then was thought to be some weak power. The justification to weakness was mainly, that it was difficult measure, thanks to its smallness, and atomic measurement and this why the further away being particles its seldom knew.

14.2   Strong  Nuclear Force


In 1911, the core of the atom studiedIt was further found, the heavier atoms had at the core, the number of protons and they repelled each other. Due to this was thought to be those together holding nuclear energy. This was called for the strong nuclear force. Newton had forecast close-range power existence, but had any ability to verify the weak power.

Five forces cover in nature the available phenomena. Other power don't affect to the action of the world. Before being as physics known, from where number five join for explanation of the phenomena. In matter affecting five power or load will get the explanation through the calculation. Finally all are the same, like the Big Bang for all to being. Later, we will come to imagine phenomena through energy. Calculation is based on to number five and calculations' outside symbol is pentagon.  (195)

15.   Time Dilation

Time distortion, ie time dilation is the theory of relativity predicted a feature that the body moving near the speed of light, time passes more slowly.

What is important is the absolute speed of the light. At any speed we move, the light moves over us at a constant speed. This is difficult to understand as such the reality proves to be. The table below is of the mass increase when speed increases and of the time dilation calculation. The time dilation at high speed; in motion, time slows down relative to the stationary time.

E = m c2


The speed of light ends in the table to the relative value of 1. The speed of light is a conceptual value, in which case the values after 1 have the place in everyday life phenomena. One of the most important for the calculation is factor 1.25 (in the table value 0.25). In calculation, an important is number five and five steps. In the table value 0.25 and five steps are related together. An important factor is also 1.03 (3), which relates in the table to the previous two. Without the coefficient of 1.03 (3), it is impossible to calculate many things. We know how to calculate the speed and time. By increasing the speed by 25%, reduces the theoretical driving time 25%. When phenomena and events, this does not happen, but the change is in many cases time dilation defined value (1.033). Time dilation is not self-evident. Time dilation related to the golden section, although it is unknown to a large part of the civilized world. Some prefer to believe the possibility of a perpetual motion machine, but let's see how the movement is stopped in this demonstration. Time dilation is not self-evident. Time dilation is related to the golden section, although it is unknown to a large part of the civilized world. Some prefer to believe the possibility of a perpetual motion machine, but let's see how the movement is stopped in this demonstration.

It is said that the first physicists to draw a circle, when they start to explain the phenomenon. I am not making this up, but you can read, say, the book Fear of Physics, which was written by the Nobel physicist Lawrence Krauss. Let me start with a circle, which is equal to the Equator.  (742)

16.   Time Warping

The reflected light from star, bends when passing the sun. The light has the speed, the mass is included in the energy and the energy has the mass. The Mass pulls another mass. The chart below sets out the free falling onto the ground. Time is the light blue curve in the chart 0,1 to 1 second. The upper curve is distance in meters. Time in one second is of course not really warping. The way of the examination warps the time and falling body in the  value space. Still we are closely in that what happens in space-time, even if only as an image.

 0,10 - 0,12 - 0,16 - 0,20 - 0,25 - 0,315 - 0,40 - 0,50 - 0,63 - 0,80 - 1,00


 Time warping


           Time       Distance

                t              m

            0.100       0.0491

            0.125       0.0767aikadilaatio_small.jpg

            0.160       0.1256

            0.200       0.1964

            0.250       0.3068

            0.314       0.4841

            0.400       0.7856

            0.500       1.2275

            0.630       1.9487

            0.800       3.1424

            1.000       4.9100

m = 0.5 x g x t2

It is calculated the time distortion of space travelling (and the weight gain). This is called time dilation. The chart shows during the free fall, the mass increase of the body to speed increase and time warping. However, the magnitude is so small that it is undetectable. Equivalent Proportional Calculation warps the time when calculating the phenomena which would otherwise not be able to calculate. This is reflected in the physics, physiology and related phenomena in connection with the matter. These phenomena are not different from what occurs in the space.  (527)

17.   Chain Reaction

A chain reaction occurs when small change causes a similar  but  still different change nearby. This in logarithmic sequence like a curve. 

EP-calculation gives the possibility to calculate known and in addition to previously non-calculated phenomena, described in a series of exponential curve. EP-calculation is based on light and shadow, largely so, as Plato saw it in his time. This is based on Plato connected cave metaphor of the shadows. There is a saying which goes around, comes around and so also in this case.

Shadows are able to describe things that the light will remain invisible. A similar happens in the development of the photo. Developed dark parts of the photo may not show all its details. Exposing the next photo more, details become more visible. Light and shadow in black and white negative change the side, the light parts of the negative evolve into a dark parts of the photo, and vice versa


The phenomenon grows like a product curve in the picture

Aikadilaatio is to some extent responsible for the event , as the development of the photo. Aikadilaatiokin set the contrast between the two , one of which is associated with period of slowdown , and the second increase in mass. The difference between photography and related phenomenon is aikadilaation time. Each photo will have their own individual shutter speed to achieve the best result , phenomena always get the best result aikadilaatiokertoimen based benchtop speed of light 1.0328

Time slows down - mass increase
mass can touch - time can not touch


Light and shades
Line and lineless

With reason this can not explain, but do the following experiment. Cut a thin strip of paper and draw on one side of the paper continuous line from end to end. Turn the paper in hand 180 degrees and glue the ends together. The paper has the twisted shape like number eight, but above all, following the line you are on both sides of the paper with and without line. We are at the heart of the principle of the EP-calculation. (1087)


18.   Earth Proportionality

Earth's circumference 40 (000 km)

      Day 24 hours

Proportional Earth's rotation speed 40 / 24 = 1,666...


Proportional Earth's rotation speed, the Golden Ratio 40 / (24 x 1,03) = 1,618

18.1.   Radius of the Earth

40 / (9,82 x 2 x 3,14.. x 1,0328) = 0,628 radians

40 Earth's circumference  /  (gravity  x  D/2 = R  x  Pi x  time dilation  =  0,2 Pi radians

17.2.   The Golden Ratio

40 / (2 Pi rad x 1,03) = 6,18

10 / 6,18 = 1,618


18.3.   Five steps

1,0  -  1,031 = 1,03   -  1,034 = 1,12   -   1,038 = 1,25   -   1,0316 = 1,6   -   1,0331 = 2,5

             1.                         2.                           3.                        4.                            5.    

Five steps is the proportionality limit, as the time dilation descripes. You think the above as description of the Earth. The Earth is physics among other things like time dilation among the phenomena. (202)

19.   Foucault Pendulum

Rotation of the pendulum period is calculated on the wrong basis. Just like the pendulum would not be relevant what ever the formula gives for times.



ф = latitudes from equator to the north and south

The pendulum has named after the name of Leon Foucault. The simple pendulum, consisting of a point mass suspended by a massless, unstrechable string. The first experiment demonstrated the rotation of the earth in 1851, Paris Pantheon Dome. The plane of the pendulum's swing rotated clockwise, making a full circle in 32,7 hours. 360 degrees / 32,7 hours = 11,009 degrees per hour. The number of hours is greater than the 24 hours since the pendulum is not located in the North Pole.

ω = 360 sin ф /day

ω = 360 x sin *48.84625°

                                          ω = 271°


ω = 271° / 24 Hrs

ω = 11,294° (31,88 hours)

The formula is not accurate, because it does not include the value of friction (time dilation) 1,03. Even this simple device is not a perpetual motion machine as the test showed.

(32.7 hours/31.88 hours = 1.03)

Foucault's experiment in more detail, for example, to calculate.

ω = 360 sin ф /day / 1,03

ω = 360 x sin *48.84625° / 1,03

ω = 263,1657°


ω = 263,1657° / 24 Hrs

ω = 10,96° (32,85 hours)


*48.84625° Location from the photo

20.   A Natural Walking Speed

All animals have their natural walking speed, human including. One period is a complete back-and-forth swing of the foot (leg). If the length of the foot is 98 cm. What is the elapsed time to pair of steps = S = 2 x 75 cm? The step length of 75 cm has been measured during walking or from the footprints on the ground. In this way the dinosaurs walking speed can be set afterwards. And not only the dinosaurs walking speed. We understand distance and speed joining to the concept of time. Length can be measured with a simple tape measure and distance using some units like mile or kilometer. By calculating the time, we get deeper into the concept, than wathing a clock. Products have the same laws of nature to time than all others have.

20.1   Physical Pendulum

               T = 2 x Pi x SQRT (2 L / 3 g)

               T = 2 x Pi x SQRT (2 x 0,98 / (3 x 9,8))

               T = 1,62 sec       The Golden Ratio 1,618

T = Time sec           g = 9,8 m/s2           L = 0,98 m            Pi = 3,14...


20.2   Walking Speed

               v = S / T

               v = 1,50 m / 1,62 sec  = 0,80 m/s  = 3,3 km/h

v = Speed m/sec      S = Length of one period

Many say to walk six kilometers per hour (about four miles). Maybe while a moment, but not a long time. This, because there is a proportionality between the length of the leg and force of gravity. (747)

21.   Braking Distance in Physics

In physics, the friction is often calculated by the principle of understanding the braking event by car. In this context, without telling the friction-based calculation is not possible calculate for the stopping distance. Tyre tests are carried out through practical experiments for vehicles and tires are new. By default, the cars stop as long braking distance, but that is not even the case. Some cars are equipped with ABS brakes, Electronic Stability System, weight distribution differences etc. The braking test distances the average of the results and maybe ramaining the worst brakings. Which of these is your braking in a panic situation? In physics, the braking distance calculation does not take a position on reaction time and how it affects to different speeds. In addition, the friction-based calculations are made in an infinite rigid objects. Vehicles have the flexible suspension and tyre system. In practice, also the road surface at all is not the same at every point. The number of unknown variables is therefore high. Tyre tests are carried out in the winter environment on dry ice, summer tires on dry asphalt. The circumstances in which you have to brake, may significantly differ from professional drivers tests written. Tired after a long journey, sunshine etc. affect the braking distance .

The pure braking distance is directly proportional to the square of the speed (v2) and inversely proportional between the road surface and tire friction coefficient.

S = braking distance      v = initial speed m/s         μ = friction       g = 9,82 m/s2

S = v2 / (2 x μ x g)


                          Static   Kinetic

Wet asphalt          0.6       0,5

Dry asphalt           0,8       0.7

Wet ice                  0,1      0,08

Dry ice                   0,2      0,15

Dry road, driving speed of 100 km/h ( 27.77 m/s), wherein the dry asphalt friction coefficient of 0.8. Of this calculating, the stopping distance is 49 meters. The tests locking the brakes or without locking brakes on a flat concrete, the stopping distances were very nearly the same.

  S = 27.782 /(2 x 0,8 x 9,82) m

  S = 49 m

After this will be that which rarely are taken into account. For calculating minimum stopping distance, a value of 0.8 is a nominal value for the coefficient of static friction.  The tabled values are for good tires and a good road surface. Almost always, coefficients of kinetic friction are less, and are dramatically less for wet, icy, slick, sandy, dirty very smooth or oily surfaces. With normally driven and worn tires, a smaller value such as .7 or .6. Poor condition tires might yield .5 or .4 for a closer representation of friction, this depending on the circumstances


Braking distance at 100 km/h speed is 49 m. How far is the braking distance at 50 km/h?

  49/x = (100/50)2

  (1002) x = (502) * 49

  10 000 x = 122 500

  x=122 500/10 000

  x= 12.25 m


  S = 13.882 /(2 x 0,8 x 9,82) m

  S = 12,26 m

EP-calculation is not equations, but the previous example  finds out the EP-calculation principle. Generally by knowing one value pair, the other value pairs are known. EP-calculation unlike the previous calculation is often on the area where the equations do not extend. Take comprehensive car insurance even if braking is not otherwise interesting in. (990)

30.   The Car Stopping Distance

The upper photo shows how the Midsummer "juice trip" continued to ditch at home gate. In the lower photo the assumed speed was about 100 km/h and stopped dramatically to column. The stiffness of the columns has been critism. Is it important for the preservation of human life or the column. Havin the oppotunity to decide, I would remove inflexible structures from road banks. On the upper photo, the braking first started on dry asphalt, which had sand on it and continued onto gravel road. Stopping distance was ab. 40 meters and speed ab. 50 km/h with on my own eyes seen. In the lower photo the chassis stopped beside the column. The engine and transmission system continued their journey 40 to 50 m. The column does not have any damage. According to newspaper no one died. These two are of course not calculable. Then something that we can calculate.



The stopping distance is formed on reaction time and braking distance. A suitable reaction time is considered to be 1 second

S = Braking distance      v = initial speed m/s         μ = friction factor 0.8       g = 9,81 m/s2

S = v2 / (2 x μ x g)

Braking on the Clean and Dry Asphalt     

Speed    Reaction time    Braking     Total

km/h              m/s                    m            m     

  30                8,33                  4,42        12,8             Known data 13 m

  40               11,1                   7,9          19,0

  50               13,9                 12,3          26,2

  63               17.5                 19,5          37,0

  80               22.2                 31.4          53,6

100               27,8                 49,2          77,0

120               33,3                 70,6        103,9

125               34.7                 76,6        111,3

Did you think stopping distance calculation to be here?

31.   The Car Stopping Distance Logarithmically

I dare say this approach is not presented elsewhere. The stopping distance is formed on reaction time and braking distance. A suitable reaction time is considered to be 1 second. This information is calculated in the table below. Values in the table are the average of the braking actions, so in traffic be prepared to the worst result.

S = Braking distance      v = initial speed m/s        μ = friction factor 0.8     g = 9.81 m/s2

S = v2 / (2 x μ x g)

Braking on the Clean and Dry Asphalt

Speed        Reaction time  Braking     Tot.

km/h               m                      m            m                                                                               

  30                8.33                  4.42        12.8            Known data 13 m

  40               11.1                   7.9          19.0             40/(Ln pii)6 =   17.8 m

  50               13.9                 12.3          26.2             50/(Ln pii)5 =   25.5 m  

  63               17.5                 19.5          37.0             63/(Ln pii)4 =   37 m

  80               22.2                 31.4          53.6             80/(Ln pii)3 =   53.3 m

100               27.8                 49.2          77.0           100/(Ln pii)2 =   76.3 m

120               33.3                 70.6        103.9           120/(Ln pii)  =  104.8 m

125               34.7                 76.6        111.3           125/(Ln pii)  =  109.2 m    

An Example

Known data is ab. 13 m braking distance at speed 30 km/h. What has been the speed of the car, which has left 71 m braking skidmarks?

 30 / x = (13/71)2

 (132) x = (712) * 30

 169 x = 330750


  x= 130 km/h


  S = 36.112 /(2 x 0.8 x 9.81) m                              (130 km/h = 36.11 m/s)

  S = 83 m

Based on the table, the vehicle speed has been 120 to 130 km/h. On the motorway the vehicle has beeen within the limits. The more detailed information cannot determine of the braking skidmarks. (1008)

32.   Steel Unit Circle and Aluminium

The material of the calculation is steel. The steel is in connection with Big Bang, containing the calculation base.



 Steel unit circle; diameter one unit and length one unit

a) the specific gravity of iron is 7, 87 g/cm3.

b) the steel is iron, from which is taken off some coal. Carbon steel has a few percent, and the specific gravity value of 7.87 g/cm3 is functional.

The specific gravity of the steel and the unit area of ​​the circle can be measured using coefficient 1.618 and 1

6,181 x 1,618 = 10            =            0,6181 x 1,618 = 1

Units of the calculation does not matter, because they are invented by humans. In this case, the program calculated the weight in grams and lets think the numbers to values ​​of 0.6181 and 1. This is a good workout at the same values. Calculated do not have to be steel. We will calculate the weight of a piece of aluminum plate on the basis of the specific gravity of steel. Specific gravity of aluminum is 2.7 g/cm3.

1.618 / 0.618 x 1.034 = 2.70

Calculation through gravitation 9.82 m/s2

1.618 /(0.618 x 9.82) x 1.034 = 0,275

We go through the whole mathematical palette, from a piece of steel as shown, and we stop to values ​​of the final product formation. This only requires patience and logic simplification. How necessary is to calculate the weight of aluminum, as shown, is another story.  (209)

33.   Johannes Kepler

Ellipses Description of Planetary Orbits

johannes_kepler_a.jpgIn the time, the Sun, Moon and planets were assumed to have a perfect circular orbits. Kepler rejected the idea of circular planetary orbits, and ended up the idea of their elliptical paths, as known nowadays.

Kepler discovered basing the calculations of planetary orbits to be elliptical. The minor axis ratio to longer axis in our solar system is 99 - 100%. A small "epicycle" of planetary orbits would be so small. The location of the sun is an ellipse focal point, and that is located at the other end of the orbit. This attention was not required to accept at first.

 Johannes Kepler, Wikipedia
Freely translated

Your ellipses leads to the loss of roundness and smoothness of movements, which it seems to me foolish, I wonder what the deeper it. - If only you could keep perfectly circular orbit, and to explain the elliptical orbit with a small second episycle, the situation would be much better. - Astronomy David Fabricius


 The Image belongs to the calculation

The planetary orbits are elliptical in shape. The minor axis ratio to longer axis in our solar system is 99 - 100%. A small "epicycle" of planetary orbits is so small. The location of the sun is an ellipse focal point, and that is located at the other end of the orbit. One description of the calculation is the light bulb, a mathematical sun on the earth. Still the calculating is description of the matter and physiology, not astronomy.    

It is possible to draw an ellipse by several ways, having any understanding of it. You can ask almost anyone the importance of an ellipse, without the answer. The same when is asked drawing an ellipse with a pencil.  (917)

34.   Visual Geometry as Physics

The visual geometry does not think in any way associated with the physics, this to some extent, mistaking. Let us consider two simple geometric pattern, square and circle connection to time dilation. Their area ratio is the same meaning to the specific gravity of steel.


1 / (1.25 x 1.03) = 0.78

35.   Formation of the Steel Rope Product Series (time dilation)

We look at the steel rope 6x26 Warrington-seale and we find that the behavior as a phenomenon does not differ from a light bulb.


Steel rope         -   Light from lamp
By hand touchable    -       Not by hand touchable



Length  -  Area  -  Volume  -  Time

Speed of light is area c2



Why did I chose this time steel rope, due to the fact that I finished the previous writing  to visual geometry patterns. The square and the circle area ratio are defined by time dilation and the the area of the unit circle is the specific gravity of steel. Calculation throug figures would not be possible without this connection.

1 / (1.25 x 1.03) = 0.78

35.1   Incandescent Light Bulb


We get the energy from the Sun. We cannot look at the Sun, so we need to create a small-scale space. To this we take the light bulb in the image. An electric light inside the lamp is produced with a filament wire heated to a high temperature by an electric current through it, until it glows.

Most incandescent bulbs convert 3 - 5% of the energy they use into visible light, then the light is friction of the heating process.

100  / 1.0328 = 96.82 %

                                    Universal friction 1.033

35.2   Steelwire.jpg


Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon that is widely used in construction and other applications because of its hardness and tensile strength. Carbon, other elements, and inclusions within iron act as hardening agents that prevent the movement of dislocations that naturally exist in the iron atom crystal lattices. The carbon in typical steel alloys may contribute up to 2.1% of its weight.

Varying the amount of alloying elements, their formation in the steel either as solute elements, or as precipitated phases, retards the movement of those dislocations that make iron so ductile and weak, and thus controls qualities such as the hardness, ductility, and tensile strength of the resulting steel. Steel's strength compared to pure iron is only possible at the expense of ductility, of which iron has an excess.wikiped.jpg


Steel Rope

The steel rope is intended for supporting. The analysis shows a range of the steel rope formed the same way as in the previous example. Steel Rope values ​​are in the revised tables.

Diameter          Weight
 D mm             kg/100 m 
  10                      38.0          
  12                      54.7           54,7/38,0  = 1.779             
  16                      97.3           97,3/54,7  = 1.772
  20                    152.0           152/97,3   = 1.562
  24                    219.0           219/152    = 1.441
  32                    389.0           389/219    = 1.777
  40                    608.0           608/389   =  1.562
                                                Average = 1,649
 1.618 x 1.0165 = 1.645
1 + (0.033/2) = 1.0165

10  -  12.5  -  16  - 20  - 25  - 32  - 40

The rule in the two-dimensionality of the universe; twice as far to be four times larger. Status value = 10 => 16 is two times higher.

  4 x 38 kg/100 m = 152 kg/100 m

16 x 38 kg/100 m = 608 kg/100 m

6x26 Warrington -Seale (the breaking strength of the yarn 15.7 kN/cm2)

Tabled Data

 D mm             kN/cm2

  10                   55.9

  12                   80.6              8,06/5.59  = 1.442

  16                  143.0              143/80.6  = 1.774

  20                  224.0              224/143  = 1.567

  24                  322.0              322/224  = 1.438

  32                  573.0              573/322  = 1.780

  40                  895.0              895/573  = 1.562

                                             Yhteensä  = 1.593

                                      1.618 / 1.0165 = 1.591

                                        1 + (0.033/2)  =1.0165

Minimum breaking load is to be attained or surpassed during the tensile-test.

 4 x 55.9 = 223.6 kN/cm2

16 x 55.9 kN/cm2 = 894.4 kN/cm2

(1,649 + 1.593) /2 = 1.62   =  Golden Ratio 1.618

1.033 x 1.593 = 1.645


Determining the bulb radius to the relative value of 1.

The spherical body surface area A = 4 Pi r2

r1 => A = 4 pii 12 = 12,56 Unit area

r2 => A = 4 pii 22 = 50,24 Unit area

r4 => A = 4 pii 42 = 200,96 Unit area

In the formula, the radius increases twice bigger, the surface area will increase by a factor of four. Thinking about the heat evenly distributed onto the surface area. When the radius (r) increases twice bigger, decreases the amount of heat on the surface area to 1/4 per unit area. In the end the rope and lamp values ​​formation does not differ from each other. The same goes well, as long as everything is derived from the formula E = mcc

Note! Solar constant magnitude near the outer surface of the Earth's atmosphere is 1,37 kW/m2

36.   The Concept of Lever


Two pieces are in balance, when the fulcrum (support) is inversely proportional to their mass. Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth. Archimedes thouht to dismantle the heavenly planets installation. In the following calculation we prize them to their rightful place, having the same idea like all the other products have. Planets have the same rules than products have.


Image: Wikipedia

All the levers have a limited length, beyond which they will not work. Later the length proves to be five steps. Thereafter, they weigh too much or bend under its own weight.


Many think of the lever concrete, but there are also intangible levers, as there is matter and antimatter. Next, we will take an intangible lever arm which is the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci sequence starts like Pascal's triangle and both have their limit of five rows (steps).


  0 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - ( 5 -8 -13 )

                                                                    0                                      Row 1

                                                                0  -  1                                   Row 2

                                                             0  -  1  -  1                               Row 3

                                                          0  -  1  -  1  -  2                           Row 4

                                                      0  -  1  -  1  -  2  -  3                        Row 5

                                                  0  -  1  -  2  -  3  -   5  -  8                    Row 6


Image: Wikipedia

Fibonacci Numbers joins to the planets known distance from the Sun. We calculate planets location or we really prize them. We calculated these in the past, but we will go with this new point of view.

  0 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - ( 5 -8 -13 )

Titius - Boden Formula and Fibonacci Numbers

Planet        Distance from the Sun

Mercury        0,39         α = 0,4 etäisyys/Distance                    ( 0)

Venus           0,72          α = 0,4 + 1 x 0,3 = 0,7                  (0 +1 = 1)

Earth   1,00           α = 0,4 + 2 x 0,3 = 1,0               (0 +1 +1 = 2)

Mars            1,52           α = 0,4 + 4 x 0,3 = 1,6            (0 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 4)

Ceres           2,76           α = 0,4 + 7 x 0,3 = 2,5          (0 + 1 +1 +2 + 3 = 7)

a= the relative distance from the Sun, where the Earth has the value of 1

The distance of the planets from Sun (a) is; 0,4 + Fibonacci Number's sum (in relative loacation) times 0,3.

Distance from the Sun to Ceres is the average distance to all stone planets, which all Ceres represents. The average distance of eight million stone planets'  do well be near value of 2,5 a. As we approach the limit of proportionality, the fifth level of precision is reduced.

Planets as the biggest products

Through Equivalent Proportional Calculation, we set abstract things for weighing. Combining later the concept of the buoyant forcecan weigh the intangible qualities. Archimedes could not determine the specific gravity of the hollow body, but calculation determines "hollow" features. An example of this are the value curves which have not been determined. (688)

37.   The Speed of Light to Gravity

In 1905 published a special Theory of Relativity, of which we best know the energy equation. The basic idea in theory is that the mass of the body depends on its speed. The moving  body has more mass than the equivalent stationary body. This is an issue related to the kinetic energy form, telling the energy of the mass.

E = m c2

C is the speed of light 299 792 458 meters per second. When the speed of body increases about 87 per cent of the speed of light, has a kinetic energy greater than the rest mass. Approaching the speed of light, and trying to accelerate the body, an increasing share of the power used to accelerate the body, grows the mass. We say that nothing can move at the speed of light or faster. Close to the speed of light, the mass increases infinite. The moving body has a relativistic mass, consisting of a rest mass and moving energy-related mass.

Later published the General Theory of Relativity took into account the gravity and allows space expansion. Now, the speed of light rule does not apply.


The speed of light is 299 792 458 meters per second. We transform the speed of light to value 2.99792 458, dividing it by 108. Light coverage C2  x the Universal Friction Coefficient of 1.03 three times. In four-dimensional world, time is the fourth dimensionality. Others are width, length and height.

2.99792 4582 x 1.033 = 9.82 (m/s2)

The result is gravity on the Earth. Coefficient of 9.82 is well known, but the value of pi 3.14 more famous. The value of pi is the ratio of any circle's circumference to its diameter. We get the relative velocity of light in the universe. (679)


(3.141592 x 0.982) / 1.03 = 2.995    (Virhe/Error 1:1000)


38.   Gravitational Force

Without the force of gravity, nothing does bend or tire when loaded. All would float in the weightless space, neither would be the friction. Friction is wider concept than friction between two surfaces. Friction affects to everything and we calculate tasks using Universal Friction 1,03(3). Perhaps the next pattern is the reflected shadow of the gravitational force on the cave wall, as such by Plato.

 Pentagon describes the force of gravity g on the Earth


0,618 + 0,3633 = 0,9813

Value 0,9813 is the Force of Gravity 9,82 m/s2. The proportional Equavalent Calculation is not formulas, and please do not consider decimals. Please think, how simple way the nature presents the force of gravity. (605)

 2 pii rad x 1,252  =  6,28 x 1,252  =  9,813


38.1   Gravitational Constant

Gravitational constant determined first Englishman Henry Cavendish in 1798. This was possible by invented torsion balance which had precision enough. At the same was specified the magnitude of the mass of Isaac Newton's projection. This is familiar, but it is repeated of point of view of calculation.


Gravitational constant

38.2   Gravity On The Earth

The mass m2 of the Earth is 5,98 x 1024 kg

m1 can stay off or value of 1

The Radius of the Earth is 6,37 x 106 m.


F =    6,67 x 10-11  x  5,98 x 1024   = 9,83 m/s2

 (6,37 x 106)2

On the Earth the acceleration value of gravity, g (in Northern countries) has 9,82 m/s2. The value g is the acceleration of the body in second square. The formula is defined as surface area on the potency to the power two. The field for cultivating is touchable by hand. The cover of the time for the acceleration is not touchable by hand.

The formula gives the gravitational constant F value of 9.83 m/s2. In connection with the force of gravity, is in use the value, which changes accordingly to the parallel circles, or on the surface of the sea. On the Earth the force of gravity, is formed of the gravitation pulling power, where is reduced the centrifugal force of the Earth rotation. The calculation is based on gravity, because there is no deflection or fatiquing movement without the force of gravity. There is also nothing to hold together, without the attractive force. Despite this, gravitational force is known as the worst(592)

Gravity On the Earth

According to the Bureau International de Poids et Mesures, International Systems of Units (SI), the Earth's standard acceleration due to gravity is:

g = 9.80665 m/s² = 32.1740 ft/s²


When calculation the time dilation using value of v = 0,979796 x c => 5

We come to number five, which is very important to Equivalent Proportional Calculation.

Number five

At the table the row number five includes the coefficient 0,25 x c (table 1). There is two brothers which the other on stays on the Earth. The other brothers go to a space vehicle at a speed of 0.25 c ( c = speed of light 300 000 km/s²). After years of traveling the brother is 1.033 times younger than the brother left on the Earth (353.3 days old, according to the calendar)

38.3   Gravity on the Moon

kuumatka.jpg On the moon surface the force of gravity, is about sixth of the Earth's force of gravity. The force of gravity causes acceleration 1,618 m/sec2 of free fall on the moon surface  (in other words 0,165 g)

Check;    1,618 m/sec2 / 0,165 = 9,81 m/sec2

The Golden Section 1,618

The calculated acceleration on the moon surface, on the basis of its diameter and mass measurement, gets the value of 1,617 m/sec2. The force of gravity through friction stops the motion and bends the matter being. Also the flight path of flying pieces's get the shape of parable. The moon acceleration of free fall, we observe it to be the Golden Ratio 1,618.

                         1                             1,000

                   1         1                        1,1 x 1,0 = 1,100

               1        2        1                   1,1 x 1,1 = 1,210

          1        3       3       1                1,1 x 1,21 = 1,331

      1       4        6       4      1            1,1 x 1,331 = 1,464

  1     6        1        1       6      1        1,1 x 1,4641 = 1,611 Rounded


Pascal's Triangle defines gravitation of the moon 1,611 m/sec2, error being 0,43 %. Two decimals are correct, which exceeds accuracy of the Equivalent Proportional Calculation.

9,82 ms-2  / 6,28 rad  x 1,03 = 1,611

Gravitation g  /  Full angle 2 pii radian  x  Universal Friction

Universal Friction prevents preparation of the perpetual motion machine

 9,82 ms-2  / 6,28 rad  x 1,03(4) = 1,611

The four-thousandth parts of the Universal Friction, changes the calculation either as being Pascal's Triangle or the Golden Ratio value. In the calculations this will observe as values 1,03 - 1,033 - 1,034, so one-thousandth changes calculation.  (797)

39.   Free Fall of a Body

Deflection rate 1:1000 is the basic beam stiffeness of bending and values can calculate from strength calculation to Physics and contraversary. As an example the static values of round bar 10 mm (1 cm). Imagine to the photo a round bar. The size of 10 mm has the basic values to determine values of all others.


Deflection 1:1000

As a part of Visual Geometry




0.0982 cm x 100  = 9.82 m/s2

Gravitation on the Earth

0.0491 cm x 100 = 4.91 m

Free fall per one second on the Earth


You can see the connection of round bar values to the free fall of a body. All is free fall of a body, its prevention or friction to prevent falling in motion. This is why, all are the same meaning. (661)

Physics - Physiology - Matter and Strength

As a Visual Geometry


40.   Bending Generally

Without understanding of physics and physiology, does not understand either the nature of the deflection. This is difficult, because physics does not teach the deflection. Deflection is associated with the strength determination, which belongs to engineering education. Deflection is a theoretical subject and the basic element for the best-known energy formula. Energy equations can also be explained through the sport-related issues. Physiological deflection increases the length of time for performance which may indicate as time dilation.



Basically, deflection causes elongation and shrinkage. The outward manifestation of this is the deformation of the body. In practice saying the object bending. In physics time bends, ie the used time increases as time dilation.

51.   Dimensionalities

51.0   Zero-Dimensionality - a Point

One point , which you cannot see nothing, because the second point does not exist. Point does not have dimensionality.

51.1   One-Dimensionality - Line - Length

A Group of points, which are seen or not back and forth.

I                                                     1                            =  1            = 1

  I                                             1         1                       =  2            = 1.1

    I                                       1        2        1                  =  4            = 1.21

        I                              1       3        3        1              =  8            =1.331

                I                  1       4        6        4       1         =16            = 1.4641



51.2   Two-Dimensionality - (Cross-Section) Area - Strength

Flat shape, which is seen back and forth in different directions

1.12 x 1.12 = 1.25


51.3   Three-Dimensionality - Volume - Space - 1.618

Cube, sphere, etc. which form is seen in all directions


1.25 x 1.25 x 1.0328 = 1.618

A two-dimensional squared two x time dilation 0.25


51.4   The Curved Time-Space

Time slows down, mass increases with increasing speed. Time can not see, but it can be measured.




The curved time-space

This goes beyond comprehension to understand the gravity, but it can be calculated. (755)

52.   Time the Fourth Dimensionality


One-dimensionality                   progressive movement, such as running forward

Two-dimensionality                    through the concept of area, force and strength

Three-dimensionality                 volume

Four-dimensionality                   time, such as Hermann Minkowski understood it

Hermann Minkowski


Albert Einstein study in Switzerland progressed reasonably well. Hermann Minkowski's mathematics lectures Einstein skipped, believing that he had no use for a higher level mathematics. This he afterwards regretted.

When Albert Einstein algebraically presented the special theory of relativity in 1905, Hermann Minkowski showed to his former student that it could also be understood geometrically as a theory of four-dimensional space-time. Later Albert Einstein realized that a geometrical view of space-time would be necessary in order to complete his own later work in general relativity (1915).

The proportionality is significant in terms of Albert Einstein presented the same algebraically by the Hermann Minkowski was able to provide geometrically.

Calculating has the idea as in the above text. The phenomena can be examined by measuring, calculate and display geometrically. How does we calculate the two-hundred-meter world record? This physics does not calculate?

An Example of One-Dimensionality

Short Run Events

The figure shows the lengths of the events to follow Pascal's triangle.

1                                      1                             1 x 100 m = 100 m

2                                 1        1                        2 x 100 m = 200 m

4                             1       2       1                    4 x 100 m = 400 m

8                         1       3       3      1                8 x 100 m = 800 m

16                    1      4       6      4     1           16 x 100 m = 1600 m (mile)

This is visual geometry to see short run events.

Fibonacci numbers

1  -  1  -  2  -  3  -  5  - 8  -  13  - 21  - 34  - 55  - ....

Fibonacci Numbers start 1 - 1 - 2 ... Pascal's Triangle has the same form.


100 m + 100 m =  200 m

Athletic Event 100 m Race

The World Record of 100 m is 9.58 sec.

200 m ME  -  200 m WR

 2 x  9.58 sec = 19.16 sec (World Record 19.19 sec)

100 m + 100 m =  200 m

1  -  1  -  2


While running the first 100 meters, takes place on the way to fatigue. I hope you know that the runners in the world are not capable of fully running a hundred meters. Without fatigue time would presumably be in accordance with the following calculation.

9.58 s / 1.0328 = 9.276 s.
200 metrin matkalla, kun väsyminen huomioidaan
When 200 meters run, taking fatigue into accoun

2 x 9.276 x 1.0328 = 19.16 s


WR Wind Conditions

100 m:            Tuuli / Wind + 0.9 m/s               200 m:            Tuuli / Wind - 0.3 m/s

For example wind makes the difference 19.16 s = 19.19 s. Of course you understand that this only a way to calculate this kind of phenomena like run events. Through time dilation the calcalation is a part of physics. Both WR times belong to Usain Bolt and this makes times comparable.  (412)

53.   Twin Paradox

aikadilaatio_099995_c.jpgIn 1911, Paul Langevin gave an example by describing the story of a traveler making a trip at a Lorentz factor of γ = 100 (99.995% the speed of light). The traveler remains in a projectile for one year of his time, and then reverses direction. Upon return, the traveler will find that he has aged two years, while 200 years have passed on the Earth.

Max von Laue (1911, 1913) elaborated on Langevin's explanation, using Minkowski's spacetime formalism. He wrote that the asymmetric aging is completely accounted for by the fact that the astronaut twin travels in two separate frames, while the Earth twin remains in one frame, and the time of acceleration can be made arbitrarily small compared with the time of inertial motion. Eventually, Lord Halsbury and others removed any acceleration by introducing the "three-brother" approach. The traveling twin transfers his clock reading to a third one, traveling in the opposite direction.  (926)

54.   Energy Has Its Mass

Newton           F = a x t

Einstein           E = m c2

Planck             E = h v

When determining physical phenomena, there is need for three quantity which are time, distance and mass. When something moves at high speed, there is need for the Lorenz equations. The reality is of the physical world phenomena, their final form turns out to be simple description.

We know time and distance to be relative to one other. The magnitude of mass varies in proportion to the speed of light,  which in the formula is a surface area. When the speed increases the mass shrinks in the direction of movement, but in terms of the width and height remains unchanged. Mass has the ability to resist the change of motion state that Mewton showed. Through Equivalent Proportional Calculation a piece of shaft has the physical conformity of laws as laws of  the Universum have.


54.1  Speed ​​and the Mass Increase

The absolute speed of light 300 000 km/s is a great value, that cannot perceive. That is why we look at the speed of light as a value, which we understand. We determine the speed of light to be 100 kilometers per an hour and we look what happens.

Light motorcycle weigths 125 kg and two riders 125 kg, together the total mass of 250 kg. The mass of 250 kg, a motorcycle's 11 kW motor can propel having global conditions.






Motorcycle accelerates, reaching a speed of 20 km. The total mass increases by 1.021-times (255.25 kg).

Motorcycle speed reaches 63 km, the total mass has increased by 1.288-times (322 kg).

Motorcycle speed reaches 90 km, the total mass has increased by 2.204-times (873 kg). Motorcycle is too lazy to get up the hill.

Motorcycle speed reaches 99 km, the total mass has increased by 7.089-times (1772.25 kg). Nothing goes faster than the speed of light, in this case, the speed of one hundred kms per an hour.

Motorcycle fuel chemical energy is released in the form of combustion. Energy is obtained from the power transmitted through the tire to the road surface, increasing the speed of the motorcycle. The operating speed of growing up as a result of a motorcycle momentum energy E increases. The speed of light is the absolute speed of any movement, the value c is maintained. In order to maintain energy equation, mass is the amount of change. This is a known fact.  (520)

55.   Time travel within the limits of proportionality

One day technology has evolved to scale, wherein the velocity 0.9 c is reached, is about 270 000 km /sec This is the default, but what happens to the traveler traveling one year as described 0.9 c of the speed of light?

What has happened to time on the Earth during the meantime, when he started the trip the first day of January? When coming back is the March on year 2045.




From the calculation see the travel time 2,294 years and return back to the ground at the advent of spring in 2045. According to calendars, the traveler experiences to arrive on New Year's celebrations in the 2043/2044 turn. By way of clarification for those who are not familiar with the idea. Time traveling at high speed, slows down the flow of time, this when compared to different coordinate time on the ground. In the example, set the traveler returning back to the earth with the clock. The time on the earth, will pass calculated time 2.294 years.

The phrase, "watches will pass the calculated time," is interesting. Time does not flow in any direction, but is stationary, as well as clocks to pass time. In the clock the strollers are rolling away from each other to determine the passage of time. Watch during the work of clock, we are sliding in one direction, which we call forward.


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