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Missing Moment of the Wirefinnish_translation.jpg

Vaijerin puuttuva momentti

The thin wire is placed between two pointswhich represent the points A and B. The wire can be expected to be light, wherein the supporting forces A and B are small.

               A = B = G / 2       


voimalinja.jpgSo that the light wire does not have any sag,  there is need to have an infinitely great force, relative to size of the wire. The strength of the wire will, therefore, be extremely large in order to take against the pulling forceThis situation does not arise in real life. A similar kind of situation still is generated by electrical power lines with wire saggingThe thin wires are under tensile stress, but having no bending momentWire as a result of lack of rigidity, the wire dimensioning is based on the cross-sectional surface area.

In a cross-section with a small section modulus, tensile stress arises in practiceWire and electric wire rope, have a poor load bearing capacitynot to mention of the pushing, but a large pulling capacityPulling forms a tensile stresswhereby the wire dimensioning is a quite simple task

Pieces having a stiffness => generate a tensile and compressive stress which have opposite signs on opposite sides of the cross-section. In the center is the neutral axiswhere the stress is zero.

langan_momentti_2.jpgWhen suspending the roadway lighting eccentrially, it generates the above loading case. Designer's design program makes the determination of forces in the wires to be simpleAfter this is determined an appropriate safety factor for cable pulsating loads.

Outdoor lighting collects snow and wind waves the whole etc. This is taken into account, in particular at the ends of the wires in the fastenings of the structures. Furthermore, taking into account the wire shackles number of connection points. At least two wire shacklesand taking account the effect of the corrosion to wire. A simple design includes a number of things to considerso that the designer can sleep with peace of mind the night.

The calculation of human fatigue, the steel girder bending and many things are synonymousIf the girder is placed on top of a larger load =increases the deflection of the girderIf a man is set to bear a greater burden => increases the spent performance time. The used time has the same meaning in terms of fatigue, because fatigue increases time. The athlete's fatigue level may partially determine by the basis of the timeOn the other hand, if the girder length is increased while maintaining the same load => growing even in this case the deflection of the girder. In human cases the increasing distance => increases execution time (used time). These things are clear conceptswithout counting the associated same meanings. 

Time comparisons, it is often a one-dimensionality. Interestingly, the road running time consists of the time arised through all dimensionalities (up and down - left and right - time (dilation)The wire movement is forward and backthe pulleys conveying the movement through the dimensionalities. Rigid steel bar in place of the service; does not own the thread-like property of matterThread (wire) and its design is not essentialbut the lack of reference to the thread moment (torque). The matching situation arises in connection with running, where the missing moment does not preclude different dimensionalities. This is calculated, the physics and physiology having the same notesThis will be discussed soon in the form of calculation.


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