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Fibonacci numerot yksi ja kaksi

Leonardo Fibonacci teached the Arabic numbers to European people. We have a slight smile while thinking, did he not realise the zero as a digit? Actually I had to use a lot of time for digits zero, one and two. Please, let me explain this. Fibonacci numbers start from zero 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 ... We have learned these belong to Golden Ratio 1,618.

0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 13 - 21 - 34 - 55 - 89 - 144 ....
8/5 = 1.600    =>     144/89 = 1.618

Number one (1) is a minimum quantity of something. A horse, an apple etc. Fibonacci numbers have not opened, because they are not units. They are positions of something and zero is a placeholder to phenomenas and values in things. Indian mathematicians have made a number of significant contributions to mathematics including place-value arithmetical notation and the concept of zero. And thinking of number zero stopped to this notation. We have been thousand of years narrow-minded. Fibonacci numbers show the location of the phenomena. When there is for example an athletic sport and there running event. The shortest length of run is 100 m. The next one is 200 m. 0 - 1 - 2.

0 : The runner is waiting start command. This means that yet has nothing happened.
1 : Runners has finished the first 100 meters. Men World Record is 9,58 sec.
2 : Runners continues running the second 100 meters = 200 m WR time is 19,19 sec.

              1 +1 = 2          =>      9,58 s x 2 = 19,16 sec


400_m_pukumiehet.jpg200 m's WR 19,19 s as a location, is not the Fibonacci number 1, because 2 x 19,19 s is not the WR time of 400 m run. Not even closely.

The runner was in position 0 and was waiting start on the racks. The racks helped the start and made the time better on first 100 meters. Using racks the runner use about the same time to both hundred meters. On EP-calculation has to know what belongs to survey group.

The World Record 9,58 sec. is men's record => so she does not include in to this group. Also men suits in the photo does not include into this group.

In an other examination she would fit in, just as men suits in the picture. Men  suits are not athletics, but they and other things have the possibility to determine values. For best results, the difference between the next is not equal and there is none strip at the finish straight end.

Look at the picture's right top corner. Is that our woman?

Number one is the smallest amount of something, its being the whole. By calculating phenomena, there number one is a location. Arithmetical number one is something which can touch like an apple. The Fibonacci number one is something that cannot touch, but can understand it. This is why the EP-calculation continues there, where the known arithmetics stops.

After reading the explanation is a bit confusing, which I will one day try to clarify. The idea is that arithmetic is hand-touching and EP-calculation is not hand-touching. It is location information in phenomena and events.

A small example here. The steel bar is bent 1.25 cm. How much does a steel bar bend under its own weight when the span increases by a factor of 1.284 (random coefficient).The calculation takes seconds.

2.718 times and corresponds to Neper's number.


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