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The Equivalent Proportional Calculation needs of these four basic calculation methods.

                                        Adding                                      Subtraction

                                        1 + 1= 2                                               2 - 1 = 1 

                               Multiplication         viisikulmiot.jpg     Division

                               1 x 2 = 2                                                       2 / 1 = 2

                                                      Modularity Theorem Figures

Modularity Theorem Figures

Basic arithmetical operations are known. Modular numbers are to many unidentified concept. Modularity Theorem numbers belong to the mathematics extraordinary  and amazing creatures. They are however deep concepts of the mathematics. 1900's mathematician Martin Eichler keep modularity shapes to be one of the five basic arithmetical operations. Others are adding, subtraction, division and multiplication. Many mathematicians control well four basic arithmetical operations, but the fifth it's said to be productive to difficulties. Modularity Theorem shapes key feature is the symmetry of the enormous diversity. The piece is symmetrical if it can be transformed in a certain way so that it afterwards appears to be unchangedModularity theorem shape it is impossible draws or even imagines. Taniyama and Shimura examined modularity theorem shapes can be moved, turn, change between, reflect and rotate extremely in many ways. In any case their preserving unchangeable.


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