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Suhdelaskenta - havainto II

The product or a value representing a point. The curve can be drawn through three known points


The observation I determines that the first two points foms a straight line. From this point the values ​​have an exponential factor.

An example of lifting lugs; their weight can be found in the mathematical curve, where the location is placed according to known information. The known value on the curve may be located at any point. Therefore, not necessarily the minimum value, determnes other values.

In photo the 500 kg lifting lug has the smallest weight 1 kg. By calculating the 40 000 kg lifting lug weighs 175 kg and when manufactered 170 kg. The later product is 170 times bigger, but the calculated difference only 2.9 %.

Without Equivalent Proportional Calculation, there is no procedure known in the art. Calculation has the same method to conceptual value. The size or composition of the review is not relevant. This is the reason why the calculation is suitable for the examination of the products due to the benchmark.


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