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Democritus 460 BC - 370 BCfinnish_translation.jpg

Demokritus 460 -370 eaa.

demokritos.jpgHe wrote on Babylon and Meroe; visited Egypt, and Diodorus Siculus states that he lived there for five years. He himself declared that among his contemporaries none had made greater journeys, seen more countries, and met more scholars than himself. He particularly mentions the Egyptian mathematicians, whose knowledge he praised.

Theophrastus, too, spoke of him as a man who had seen many countries. During his travels, according to Diogenes LaŽrtius, he became acquainted with the Chaldean magi.

Democritus was the first who realized, the Milky Way consists in reality of the light of distant stars.

The theory of the atomists appears to be more nearly aligned with that of modern science than any other theory of antiquity. However, the similarity with modern concepts of science can be confusing when trying to understand where the hypothesis came from.

"The theory of Democritus and Leucippus held that everything is composed of "atoms", which are physically, but not geometrically, indivisible; that between atoms, there lies empty space; that atoms are indestructible; have always been, and always will be, in motion; that there are an infinite number of atoms, and kinds of atoms, which differ in shape, and size."

With this as a basis to the physical world, Democritus could explain all changes in the world as changes in motion of the atoms, or changes in the way that they were packed together. This was a remarkable theory which attempted to explain the whole of physics based on a small number of ideas and also brought mathematics into a fundamental physical role since the whole of the structure proposed by Democritus was quantitative and subject to mathematical laws. Another fundamental idea in Democritus's theory is that nature behaves like a machine, it is nothing more than a highly complex mechanism.


Bertrand Russell states that they just hit on a lucky hypothesis, only recently confirmed by evidence

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