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World Record Time - 100 metres Runfinnish_translation.jpg

ME-aika - 100 m juoksu

 Athletics 100 metres, 100-metre dash (UK), 100 meters (US) (athletics event)

The world record time of 100 m run is 9.58 seconds. The time is from Berlin in 2009, but is the time comparable to other world record times. Are the run lengths even comparable due to the variety of body structures of the competitors?

  • Usain Bolt 21.8 1968
  • Jamaica
  • 94 kg
  • 195 cm


  • - Running Tours are incompatible due to different lengths
  • - Physiology is based on a short distance to different things than on long run
  • -100 meters runner's body is muscular compared to the long-distance runner
  • - There are differences between individuals, will is decisive to the generated time

Pascal's Triangle


The highest Pascal's triangle row, the first row has a value of 1 and corresponds to one hundred meters race. One hundred meters is the shortest run. This can be written in the form of Pascal's triangle. However, this is not the all.

1 =    9,58 seconds

The Theory of Proportionality

One hundred years after the general theory of relativity, the theory of proportionality explains how the identified astronomical scale matters affect at low speed phenomena on the Earth. This is shown in EP-Calculation.


The first argument is Albert Einstein's theory, which has not been used at low speed phenomena, even the next phrase exhorts to this.

Special theory of relativity applies to all physical phenomena except gravity

The second argument is that time dilation joins to phenomena on the Earth

At slow speed momentum p is transformed into Lorenz - variant factor 1/L when

L = sqrt (1-( v/c )2)

==>    time dilation 1.0328 when the speed of light 0,25 c

In accordance with the theory of relativity, it is known how the time slow down and the mass increases at high speeds. Why at slow speeds the time does not slow down, but in this time fatiguing, meaning an increase in the time. This we calculate in many ways.


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