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1.   The Theory of Relativity

1.1   The theory of relativity is based on two theories of Albert Einstein, the specific (1905) and the general theory of relativity (1916). A special theory of relativity is the current understanding of physics of space, time, and electromagnetism. The general theory of relativity, in turn is an extension of a particular theory of relativity that explains gravity.

1.2   Space: space and time must be viewed together and in relation to each other.

1.3   The speed of light is constant and the same for everyone who looks at it

1.4  The durations of the measurements are proportional to the speeds of the observers. Especially for space length reduction and time dilation.


2.   General of The Theory of Relativity

The basic idea of ​​general relativity is the structure of space. The physics community adopted a special theory of relativity in 1920. The theory quickly became an important and necessary tool for theorists and experimenters in new fields in atomic physics, nuclear physics, and quantum mechanics. On the other hand, general relativity did not seem to be so useful. It seemed to have little use, with most applications being on astronomical scales. The use of the theory therefore seemed to be limited to small corrections in Newton's theory of gravity.

3.   The Theory of Proportionality

3.1   One hundred years after the general theory of relativity, the theory of proportionality complements the general theory of relativity and explains how things identified on astronomical scales affect the earth at low speed. This is presented as a EP-Calculation with the same meaning.

3.2   One of the misconceptions of science is the association of time dilation only with high-velocity phenomena. Athletic race runners on a race track are subject to the same laws of the universe as a high-speed rocket. A real rocket that reaches almost the speed of light, may never be able to be made.



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