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NASA kadotti arvokkaat kuukivet

A valuable Moon rock from The United States was a worthless piece of wood. The museum of Amsterdam presented Moonstone is a worthless piece of wood. The moon rock was originally received from the former Dutch Prime Minister Willem Drees, Ambassador to the United States in 1969.

When the stone was put up the Rijks museum, many experts doubted the authenticity of the stone. The independent study of a matchbox-size sample, discovered it of piece of wood. The museum was assured the item of 50 000 €, the event of a declaration that its worthless. U.S. Space Administration Nasa donated Moonstones to a number of countries and this happened after made moon landing.


The fossilized pieces of wood was not possible separate from moon rocks. Still it was possible to visit to Moon by 60's technique. What methods were examined for fossils and what was NASA's conclusion of the stones, is not known. Moon rocks were a proof of the moon landing. If this piece of wood is not from the Earth, the matter becomes more complicated. The case proves to be possible to get tangled up in the samples. In any case, NASA's way to examine the samples, gives a strange impression. Also a lot of other donated samples are lost. The reason given is, for example, the location is not known.


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