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Plato, the Cave Metaphorfinnish_translation.jpg

Platonin luolaesimerkki

platon_small.jpgPlato used his well known cave metaphor (figure of speech). In which he compared our position in the nature chart to a person who has lived since born in a cave. According to him, the picture of reality has born of the real objects which form shadows onto the cave's back wall. This happened thus, the real objects of the sun light (or fire light) cast these shadows onto the cave's back wall. Like those who were in the cave, we scrape in our world the surface of reality. We use our sense and ability to understand things around us. Prisoners is brought into the cave and some of them have seen only shadows on the walls.


Allegory of the Cave

Rubbish men come and empty dungeon dustbin in the cave. Prisoners see on the wall the shadow of the barrell. When the barrel is full, transports two men the barrel keeping it in vertical position. On the basis of the barrel shadow, it has a rectangle shape. After barrel emptying, bring it back one of these men. He carries the barrel in horizontal position. The light location has a longitudinal axis to barrell when the man passes the observers. Now the barrel forms a circular shape onto the wall. In a third case, the barrel passes the observers in the aslant position. Now the barrel casts an oval shape onto the cave wall. On the basis of our knowledge, we say there been three objects.

The idea of the shadows formating reality has the similar idea with EPC calculation. Visual Geometry (Phi-geometry) is one part of the calculation. Calculation opens into the energy section, because shadows belong to energy of the light. The light covers the surface on which the shadows appear. EPC calculation defines case after case, the unidentified values "by way of the shadows". (887)

Plato had the idea of the light behind the all. Later Albert Einsteind did the same observation as the speed of light.

The EPC calculation phenomena are like barrels. They look different, but they are ultimately synonymous with each other.