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Havainto VII

"The structure required for operation can be related to another structure of the same type with different dimensions, even a different structure." For example, a small single girder overhead crane determines the weight of a large double girder overhead crane."

Observation refers to products that are a function of the same task but are different in structure. The calculation is used to detect relativity, making the products comparable. The calculation covers cranes, hoists, steel structures, tank structures, conveyors and a large number of other products. The examples compare small and large products, products made by different manufacturers and products with different structures, but with the same meaning.

Comparison means that a known product can determine others, whether these are manufactured or not. What is important is the function that determines the properties contained in the physical construct and that can be computed.


This observation is known in children's clinics, where a growth curve prediction is made based on the parents' lengths and the baby's height. The ratio calculation can be used to create a corresponding curve from the product series.


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