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Plato 427 - 347 BC

Socrates' most famous student and teacher to Aristotle. Plato wrote about metaphysics, the metaphysics as one of the general interpretation of it; "Traditionally, it was thought that metaphysics tries to reach people "behind" the information, observations and biases, and to tell the truth about the ultimate matters. In order to metaphysics be at all possible, this should be the nature of ultimate reality, at least in principle and be understood by a human. The reality should be constructed in such a way that it could be humane to perceive by logical thinking. This is the first of metaphysics, based on the unproven assumption."

Plato distinguished the certainty and uncertainty of opinion. Reviews were derived from a variable phenomenon in the world. Knowledge had the links between the eternal forms and ideas. Interestingly, Equivalent Proportional Calculation has the similar way connected e.g. to five Platonic solids. The Visual Geometry Calculation use shapes and their characters referred to reality. This is shown e.g. through strength calculation.

An Example of Visual geometry  

lonkan-polven-teraksen_taipuma.jpgThe skeleton of a human is the body part that forms the supporting structure of an organism. In machine construction, frame of an assembly is the body part that forms the supporting structure of a construction.

Both have the same function and have the same meaning, which the image on the right shows. Steel bar in the image has the same deflection ratio against loading as a human has against fatiquing. This when the concentrated load has the same weight than steel bar. This is the idea of the human own weight.

Strength and deflection are included in to Golden Ratio.

1 / 1.618 = 0.618

Skeleton of a woman body

A human body is not steel, but the characters follows it.

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