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Car Stopping Distance in Trafficfinnish_translation.jpg

Auton pysähtymismatka liikenteessä

The upper photo shows how the Midsummer "juice trip" continued to ditch at home gate. In the lower photo the assumed speed was about 100 km/h and stopped dramatically to column. The stiffness of the columns has been critism. Is it important for the preservation of human life or the column. Havin the oppotunity to decide, I would remove inflexible structures from road banks. On the upper photo, the braking first started on dry asphalt, which had sand on it and continued onto gravel road. Stopping distance was ab. 40 meters and speed ab. 50 km/h with on my own eyes seen. In the lower photo the chassis stopped beside the column. The engine and transmission system continued their journey 40 to 50 m. The column does not have any damage. According to newspaper no one died. These two are of course not calculable. Then something that we can calculate.



The stopping distance is formed on reaction time and braking distance. A suitable reaction time is considered to be 1 second

S = Braking distance      v = initial speed m/s         μ = friction factor 0.8       g = 9,81 m/s2

S = v2 / (2 x μ x g)

Braking on the Clean and Dry Asphalt    

Speed    Reaction time    Braking     Total

km/h              m/s                    m            m  

  30                8,33                  4,42        12,8             Known data 13 m

  40               11,1                   7,9          19,0

  50               13,9                 12,3          26,2

  63               17.5                 19,5          37,0

  80               22.2                 31.4          53,6

100               27,8                 49,2          77,0

120               33,3                 70,6        103,9

125               34.7                 76,6        111,3

Did you think stopping distance calculation to be here?


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