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Isaac Newton


Strong religious - Alchemist - Philosopher - Astronomer - Physicist - Mathematician

Had a large collection of occult writings

Parliamentarians, but not an active member

Suffered from mental health problems all his life. Above all, introduced the gravitational and laws of motion. The Equivalent Proportional Calculation uses the ratio of gravity. Similarly, the concept of distance from the square will become clear.

Isaac Newton - Wikipedia

The story goes that a falling apple helped Newton in developing his theory of gravity, and the laws of motion. When is known the length of moon track and the cycle time, can be inferred the moon falling toward the Earth - one mm per second.

Newton concluded the power to be inversely proportional to the distance between the objects. This can calculate by physics formulas, without being able to lead the idea to other things. The Equivalent Proportional Calculation makes of things a calculating reality without formulas.

Isaac Newton was not the true one, which you may well conclude. By this way one's creates great ideas, for example, by being a mystic or an alchemist. He is valued to be the world's eminent scientific man in many directions.


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