- Kari kolehmainen Samaa tarkoittava suhdelaskenta

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Suhdelaskenta - havainto I

When the value of a product or phenomenon represents a point on a curve. Between the first two smallest points of the whole, a straight line is drawn.


Fibonacci Sequence 1 - 1 - 2

                                    1 + 1 = 2

100 m + 100 m = 200 m

9.58 s + 9.58 s =*19.16 s

                                                        Usain Bolt 9,58 (2009)
The first is to determine the smallest value, such as the well-known 100-meter run as the shortest race distance. Next is a two hundred meter run where the time is practically twice the time of a hundred meters. The same is seen in the photograph of the first two collapsing domino blocks.

The two smallest value points can be determined by the summation principle. From now on, this cannot be done, as this would make the values ​​directly determinable. The books mention the exponential structure of the universe, without explaining it. The principle of a straight line was marked by Fibonacci.

(*200 m ME - WR 19.19 sec)


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