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Mendeleev's Predicted Elementsfinnish_translation.jpg

Kemiallisten aineiden jaksollinen järjestelmä

dmitri_mendelejev.jpgIn the early days chemists discovered that the substance can not be confused with each other at random. Certain relationships were maintained when mixed with substances. This was evidence on behalf of atoms. Atomic Weights did not receive attention, while they were difficult to measure. Atomic weight at first had no discernible congruence. This was when the observations were only sixty for all elements. It showed that the atomic weight had not to do with the chemical property. Russian Dimitri Mendeleev (1834-1907) graduated a chemist, and began the state's payroll classified as oils.

In this work, he was suddenly reminded of classified materials, including the elements. He placed the atomic weights of the substancesAssumed that some elements were not found and some atomic weights to false. Thus he got the elements to locate in the regular places. We are familiar with the periodic table of elements. The Proportional Equivalent Calculation is much the same with the periodic table of elements. Every phenomenon, and even product has its own place in the value space.  (910)

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Equivalent Proportional Calculation