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Competitive sports are commercialized and practical calculation does not differ from the other technical products. EP-calculation takes into account energy use during the performance, as well as the energy production of the person in relation to the size and weight. Further, we calculate the energy use in accordance with the condition of the human age groups, wherein the human size does not matter. Cooper test does not ask weight or length, just age. The calculation produces a surprise for the human in terms of size and muscle power returns among athletes. The golden ratio 1.618 is involved here. We calculate the energy in the run and we get the answer to age group, travel length and condition group. Calculation does not include any hocus-pocus. The calculator in hand determines the situation of sport. When certain information is known, the rest is also known.

Condition is energy production, in practice oxygen uptake. For example, we calculate the running position impact on the performance. This is for example compared to the main girder of the bridge crane. How much energy is bound to deflection, because the question is of a poor running position which consumes energy.

When hoisting something, the main girder of the bridge crane is not bending of the load power. It can say bending of the hydroelectric power potential and this energy is converted into electricity. This lifts the load. The hoist is placed on top of the main girder or girders. It is the potential energy, which is transferred to the elastic energy of the main girder. We are talking about compression and tensile stress, as a visible deflection. We do not calculate the energy, how much and why. Wire bending in the hands we know, without calculating the amount of the wire produced energy as heat. In the strength calculation much time is used to stresses analyses in the construction, still the shape transformation is often the most important.

Finally, let us consider the metal punching machine, which bends the piece. One stroke takes a fraction of a second and the bend required energy has mostly transferred to the piece. After punching there remains a physical form of the piece which after cooling has the same energy amount as before the punching. Runner also eventually produces only heat. Things can be viewed simply by taking the case at a time. Worldrecord statistic is good to read in advance. The calculation is for the best results


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