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Luonnollinen kävelyvauhti

All animals have their natural walking speed, human including. One period is a complete back-and-forth swing of the foot (leg). If the length of the foot is 98 cm. What is the elapsed time to pair of steps = S = 2 x 75 cm? The step length of 75 cm has been measured during walking or from the footprints on the ground. In this way the dinosaurs walking speed can be set afterwards. And not only the dinosaurs walking speed. We understand distance and speed joining to the concept of time. Length can be measured with a simple tape measure and distance using some units like mile or kilometer. By calculating the time, we get deeper into the concept, than wathing a clock. Products have the same laws of nature to time than all others have.

Physical Pendulum

               T = 2 x Pi x SQRT ( 2 L / 3 g)

               T = 2 x Pi x SQRT ( 2 x 0.98 / 3 x 9.8)

               T = 1.62 sec   The Golden Ratio 1.618

T = Time sec           g = 9.8 m/s2           L = 0.98 m            Pi = 3.14...

Walking Speed

               v = S / T

               v = 1.50 m / 1.62 sec  = 0.80 m/s  = 3.3 km/h

v = Velocity m/sec      S = Length of one period

Many say to walk six kilometers per hour (about four miles). Maybe while a moment, but not a long time. This, because there is a proportionality between the length of the leg and the force of gravity. When did you last walk for example 50 km trip as a natural walking?


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