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Steel Products


Components make up the product

E-mail:  karikolehmainen53@gmail.com

Thank you for your contacts. The world is a quite big and can be sliced to different areas which have own markets. Maybe you are intrested in to sell or manufacture the products having the whole in own management. I stay beside, being interested in to give the support for the products. At same time generating new for the selling.

Africa - Asia - Australia - Europe - North-America - South-America

Companies are willing to make custom quiries, but are you ready to offer. Do not hesitate to contact me, because we solve together the questions. Kilometers between us do not mean in this world.


Lifting lugs.

9025-29_lifting_lugs.jpgMachine constructions

Material S355.

Sharp edges removed.

Code           Capacity      Weight          d            Price

                          t                kg              mm           £$€

9026-00            2               1.3               55          12.50

9027-00            5               2.8               55          21.90

9028-00          10               4.9               60          30.60

9029-00          15               7.2               60          42.00


Tube Fittings AISI 304

8010-00 Tube 26,9 x 2,38010-00_pipe_fitting_269x23.jpg

To service platform rails etc. Especially places where welding is not allowed. Electro galvanized center part needs only a small touch up painting.  In the image, two pipes fitted together.

8010-00   Middle tube fitting   5.60 £$€   AISI 304

8010-01 Tube 26,9 x 2,38009-01_pipe_fitting_269x23.jpg

To service platform rails etc. Especially to places where welding is not allowed. Electro galvanized inside parts.  Fitting M6 at the end of the pipe

8010-01   End tube fitting   4.30 £$€   AISI 304

8004-00 Tube 42,4 x 2,68004-00_pipe_fitting_424x26.jpg

To service platform rails etc. Especially to places where welding is not allowed. In the image, two pipes fitted together in the middle of the pipes.

8004-00   Middle tube fitting   7.60 £$€   AISI 304

8004-01 Tube 42,4 x 2,68004-01_pipe_fitting_424x26.jpg

To service platform rails etc. Especially to places where welding is not allowed. Electro galvanized parts inside.  Fitting M8 at the end of the pipe. Material AISI 304

Price: 3.70 £$€

-  Cut the Tube and do the fitting on the site  -


9025-00 Rail post 42,4 mm9025-00_rail_post.jpg

To service platform rails support. Especially to places where welding is not allowed.  Screws M8 and M6. Material AISI 304.Tubes in the image does not include to delivery.

- no welding  (machines) - no pickling  - slow cost transport  - less professional skills needed  -  few simple tools for assembly - less lifting and hauling capacities needed to assembly etc.

Price: 25.60 £$€


8008-00 Boat Rollers 8008-00_boat_rollers_30.jpg

Of stainless steel AISI 304

Price:  104.50 £$€

8006-02 Bottom Roll 8006-02_bottom_roll.jpg

Hot-dip galvanized. Tube size 50x50.

1,5 kg

Price:  14.40 £$€

8006-03 Bottom Roll 8006-03_bottom_roll.jpg

Of stainless steel. Tube size 50x50.

1,4 kg

Price:  22.95 £$€

8006-40 Home Marina 8006-00_home_marina.jpg

To the rowing boats up to 5 m. Made of stainless steel.

Wooden parts are not  included in to delivery.

Price:  357.30 £$€

8002-00 Light Marina Trailer8002-00_marina_trailer.jpg

To launch and raise small boats such as rowing boats.

Painted construction of mild steel.

Price:  490.00 £$€

8005-00 Light Marina Trailer8005-00_marina_trailer.jpg

To launch and raise a small boat. The drawbar is possible attache to towball on a car and by this way transfer the trailer.

Price:  540.00 £$€



9018-00 Safety Fence Support9018-ga_travel_stop_support.jpg

Hot-dip galvanized

To city utility works.

Price:  26.00 £$€

9019-00 Safety Fence Support9019-ga_travel_stop_support.jpg

Hot-dip galvanized

To city utility works.

Price:  24.00 £$€


Bridge Elements

Bridge elements for city utility works. Elements are an economical and flexible way for vehicles and pedestrian guidance over open canals. Using elements, canal can stay open over night or week-end without traffic or safety troubles.



Inside width 1220 mm. Length 2440 mm

Fixed handrails.Weight 172 kg.

Especially when short distance delivery.

Price:  442.00 £$€


Inside width 1220 mm. Length 2440 mm

Removable handrails. Small packing and storage size.

Weight 178 kg.

Price:  470.00 £$€


Inside width 1220 mm. Length 3660 mm

To city utility works. 250 kg

Price:  675.00 £$€


Inside width 1220 mm. Length 4880 mm

To city utility works. 395 kg.

Price:  791.00 £$€



Inside width 1220 mm. Length 6100 mm

To city utility works.

Price:  1,005.00 £$€


Bridge Elements for the Vehicles


Tear plate surface with steel box stiffeners. Each element width of 1220 mm are connected together using fixing devices. Rails are made of round steel pipe and are equipped with kicking boards. In the middle stiffenener there is a possibility for a user's name. Holes for rails and fixing devices works as lifting lugs while mounting or dismounting. Grey paint finishing. Height in the table is the max. height.


Illustration of three elements side by side

Code           Height     Width     Length     Weight     Canal     Price

                       mm         mm          mm           kg           mm       £$€

9030-36           80          1250        4000         365         2000     1,043.00

Rail to Bridge elements


Hot-dip galvanized

Code        Height    Width    Length    Weight    Price

                    mm        mm         mm          kg          £$€

9031-36     1000         50         2400          23        113.60


9036-36 Bridge element 1 pc - 9031-36 Rail 2 pcs

For the heavy traffic eg. motorcycles, much people etc. total width 1220 mm

9034-00 Fixing Device


Hot-dip galvanized.

Price  9.50 £$€9034-00 Fixing device. 0.70 kg



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