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Maailmanennätysaika 10 000 m

kenenisa.jpgLet us study the 10000 m World Record. World Records are generally named to one person. Still there are attempts millions of times all over the world. Achieved results are unquestinable.

5.000 and 10.000 m

Both of the records owns Kenenisa Bekele, when he did records in years 2004 (5000 m) and 2005 (10000 m).


  5 000 m     World Record 12:37,35 (= 757,35 s)

10 000 m     World Record 26:17,53 (= 1577,53 s)


The Theory of Relativity

The first argument is Albert Einstein's theory, has not been used at low speed phenomena, even the next phrase exhorts to this. 

Special theory of relativity applies to all physical phenomena except gravity

At slow speed on the Earth momentum p is transformed into Lorenz - variant factor 1/L when L = sqrt (1-( v/c )2)
==>    time dilation 1.0328 when the speed of light 0,25 c

Time of 10 000 meters is based on time of 5 000 m. 10 000 m time is twice the 5 000 meters time and added to this static fatique factor (time dilation of 0,25 x c)1,0328.


10 000 m time is 757,35 x 2 x 1,0328 = 1564,38 s
 13,15 /1577,53= 0,008 accuracy


There is no question of some coincidence, nor to distort the calculation result. There is just 10 different running lengths from 100 meters to Marathon, which are comparitive to each others. The time results  do not make any bend in the curve. Running length between the shortest and longest race is 420 times. It is known the records stay often tens of year, but nearby results will be born from here and there. The World Record is a certain kind of constant and its exceeding is difficult.

The Static Fatigue Factor (1,03 is also named universal friction in the dalculation) does not affect only when running. The factor is common to different matters. Static Fatique Factor coefficient 1,03(28), used in EP-calculation, comes against everywhere. World Records will born time scheduled and with the help of the "rabbit". This is the way of the World Records. Destructive runs are tactics runs, but the times are not the best.

Later on, the calculation is carried out by comparison with other records that the calculations do not alter the above.


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