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finnish_translation.jpgDouble Girder Crane Location Drawing  2DGC

Siltanosturi_2SN_sijoituspiirustus_pieni.jpgOne of the first things needed to start production is a location drawing of the future double girder crane. This is to determine the basics of crane design, so that the product meets the desired dimensions and technical characteristics. In practice, the customer fills in this drawing as instructed, or the salesperson fills in this drawing when visiting the customer. A crane manufactured with incorrect starting data is expensive for both the customer and the supplier.

After ordering a drawing, you use this to your advantage and later create your own with your logo and other necessary information.

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Price 50 €

Contact mayakirja@gmail.com and you will receive account information. Tell us about yourself, because it is important for the seller to know who the product is going to. This is to help the manufacturing company if needed.

Correct manufacturing and safe use of the product are important for everyone who comes into contact with the product. As a consultant, I am as close to you as your computer or phone.


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