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Pallon tilavuus aikadilaationa

1.   Calculation by known formulas

At first, the calculation using the ball diameter of 2 units. It means the radius R1 is one unit. Calculation is for the comparison the formula result to EP-calcullation result.

 a) Formula 1                              b)  Formula 2


 V =   π * d3                                        V =  * π  * r3

             6                                                  3

 V = 4.189                                     V = 4.189


2.   Time Dilation

One of the greatest scientific fallacy has been time dilation accession taking place only at a high speed phenomena. Any real rocket close to the speed of light rocket, might never be able to produce. Theory of relativity is a daily calculated EP-calculation. The theory of relativity is more on entertainment literary side, because the calculated is more related to utopia.

2.1   Ratio Numbers

1 - 1.06 - 1.12 - 1.25 - 1.6

                                                                                                 (1.25 = 1.12 * 1.12)

2.2   Time Dilation

At slow speed momentum p is transformed into Lorenz - variant factor 1/L when
L = sqrt (1-( v/c )2)
==>    time dilation 1.0328 when the speed of light 0,25 c

2.3   Calculation

 V  =         π * d

    ((1,1210 ) /1.0328) x 2 

 V =  4.18

It will be remembered that EP-calculation is not decimals, although in some cases the calculations starts having one decimal place, finishing to ten decimal places in the calculation result. Verified this by any formula.

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