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Euclid's Geometry - Visual Geometryfinnish_translation.jpg

Euklidinen geometria - Nškemisen geometria

Euclidean geometry differences to visual geometry.

1. † Straight Line in Euclid's Geometry

One can draw a straight line from any point to any point

1.1 † Curved Line in Visual Geometry

The curve†is drawn†between more than two events,†from the known points.

Visual geometry of the phenomena do not contain straight lines, with the exception.

2. † Things Equal†in Euclid's Geometry

Things equal to the same thing are also equal to one another

2.1 † Values in Visual Geometry

The values ​​equivalent to the same, are also relatively similar to another

The athletic racer runs 100 meters in a certain time. The best time also specify the marathon time. To this involves the theory of relativity and time dilation, as it relates to almost all under consideration in EP-calculation.

3. † The Extremities†of Lines†in Euclid's Geometry

The extremities†of lines are points

3.1 † Visual Geometry

The extremities of curves are the minimum and maximum specified value

4. † A Line†in Euclid's Geometry

A line is a breathless length

4.1 † Visual Geometry

Between the two-event or phenomenon†is nota vacuum†or openings

5. † Points on a Line†in Euclid's Geometry

A straight line lies equally with respect to the points on itself

5.1 † Value Points in Visual Geometry

On a curve line lies equally with respects to the value point on itself


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