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Goliath cranes are modifications of travelling cranes and are used essentially outside where it is not convenient to erect on overhead runway, or in building of light construction. Goliath cranes for EP-calculation are up to 10 tonnes, 18 m.



Drawing of an inland water dock project


Goliath cranes can be broken down into 4 principal elements

The main girder or girders: in standard rolled sections, or of welded box construction, according to the load capacity and span of the crane.

The legs: in machine welded steel sections, or of welded box construction, ensuring main girder end carriage rigidity.

End carriage; End carriages (or wheel blocks) of Equivalent Proportion Calculation are standard design. In machine welded steel sections (recommendation), including all the mechanical items: runners (in steel, mounted on ball or roller bearings), geared motor units (single or dual speed, which are left-handed or right-handed construction combinations), rubber buffers and control panel etc.

Lifting unit:

A cover to protect the macine from the weather is often used.

Travel speeds for guidance: 

In single speed:       20 m/min    or  30 m/min

In dual speed:         30 m/min    and 7,5 m/min


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