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mutterit_ja_avaimet.jpgFrom the point of view of the calculation, dimensions are often together countable, without modifications of the system measurement. For example 20 mm screw having the factor 1,25 is 25 mm (in practise M24 sized), which is one inch.

From this on having the factor 1,25, pipe diameter 33,7 mm is 1" pipe in other words 1,25 x 25 mm = 31,25 mm. Through the Equavalent Proportional Calculation, these two dimensional worlds come closer each others. Because the strength calculation is made  finally, can calculations have been mixed between. If the pipe is not sufficient as the cross-sectional area, pipe's wall thickness will add. For the next we would have to select measurement 33,7 x 1,25 = 40 = 42 mm (pipe or screw). From extraordinary sized components, there is better available inch sized products. I continued on the purpose from 25 mm screw to the pipe, which are available both the metric and inch sized.

In pipes there are any difficulties after the initial inconvenience. Threads has the same and from outside a nut can surprise in American or in Japanese product, by being on the other measurement as we assumed. Myself went so installed exhaust pipe and observed missing nuts to be UNF or UNC threads. You gess, did I have them.

42 x 1,25 = 63 mm  - 80 mm - 100 mm - 125 mm - 160 mm - 200 mm - 250 mm

Different kind of cross-sections of materials and components.

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Equivalent Proportional Calculation