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Book: The Fear of Physicsfinnish_translation.jpg

Kirja: Oleta Pyöreä Lehmä

A guide for the Perplexed. Book author is an American Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss. In the book he writes how the physics has changed the picture of the world.

"Anyhow, on the wall being separate reflections were succeeded to guess straight perceptions of the background being uniformity". Before being joins to Plato's description of the shadows on the cave wall. The particle physics today exposes the same to the researcher. On this basis, Plato had in his mind reflectance of electricity-magnetism and weak interaction essence. These are basis of one physical (types of) embodiments

Before mentioned written in our time. The science can find out, plato was with his thoughts ahead of his time thousands of years. Plato processes in writing metaphysics, after physics. The metaphysics is undefined and on the other hand unverified.



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