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Virtual Company for Sale

Number of items:                 606 pcs


Company price:      99.000

Real products and experience of them.

Contacts by e-mail:         karikolehmainen53@gmail.com

Companies often have the exprerience for the product manufacturing. Yes they do, having the technical drawings for the work. When the company starts the design process and learn the product, the money and time have gone. At first there is a single product and later more. All together them forming a whole which is sometimes the exponential curve to the success.

What I am offering is the design and idea of the products, strength in many form, calculations, experience of the products, experience of costs accounting and world wide selling experience of Rotek pile turnes. The product had and has the brand status in many countries. The Equivalent Proportional Calculation is the result of the products and this is an extra bonus. You will get the method to calculate something you have never made or you will not manufacture. Still the company has the information of the products.

Some notes

What about, if the prices in China or India are much lower than e.g. in Europe. Take tickets to China and get the best possible product price. You import the products many months later to your country. Probably you already have done the trial purchases through some company?

Why to buy a virtual company?

- Strength calculations
- Lifetime calculations
- Once sold entity
- Selling procedure support
- Design procedure support
- Possible reliability calculations
- Products are real and of this world
- Possibility to step by step process
- Experience of the products
- You don't buy buildings to wrong location
- Product calculations and comparing methods
- You can launch the products at the same time
- No staff and from this causing expense of the notice

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