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Lifting Beam Drawing 10 000 kg - 8 mfinnish_translation.jpg

Lifting_Beam_Drawing_10t_8m.jpgThe fastest and cheapest way to start manufacturing a lifting beam, which is suitable for concrete elements of different sizes.

A complete working drawing that you duplicate for your company's use. The information required by the product is included in the product package.

According to Euro - DIN standards

Weight 750 kg

Order number 44089

Price 20 €

After purchasing the product drawing, the cost of the first manufactured product becomes the cost of the purchased product, including side costs. After this, the cost of the manufactured products is a fraction of the purchased product. The products have an employment effect on your staff and how much money you are willing to waste. Also think about where the products you manufacture might lead your company. We are here to fulfill your product needs in a versatile way, from which the products that are now visible and the products that are regularly added will give you direction.

Contact mayakirja@gmail.com and you will receive account information. Tell us about yourself, because it is important for the seller to know who the product is going to. This is to help the manufacturing company if needed.

Correct manufacturing and safe use of the product are important for everyone who comes into contact with the product. As a consultant, I am as close to you as your computer or phone.


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